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The ABC’s of A.I.: How A.I. is transforming commercial real estate, restaurants and retail

Sci-fi depictions of artificial intelligence in Hollywood are everywhere, from the futuristic fantasies of 2001’s A.I., about a child-robot, and 2014’s Ex-Machina, about a humanoid A.I-enabled robot, to the classic A.I.-is-evil flick, 1984’s Terminator. With these sometimes frightening visions of autonomous machines taking over the world, it’s no wonder that many people find the [...]

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Fear of the unknown has haunted humanity since cavemen first walked the Earth. You would think that with the current pace of innovation and technological advancements we would be comfortable with change, recognize its benefit to mankind, and embrace it – not so! The simple reason is that we are comfortable with the status quo and our “don’t rock the boat” attitude. The best way [...]

004 Jim Balis, CapitalSpring

On this episode of Tech and Mortar, Tyler speaks with Restaurant Management Group founder and Managing Director of CapitalSpring, Jim Balis. Jim discusses his experience with franchisors and franchisees and where technology has created automation within the industry.