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018 Barry Wolfe, Marcus Millichap

On today's episode with Barry Wolfe, we'll talk about how Barry spent the first decade of his career as a private practicing attorney with a focus on real-estate transactions. With a sudden change of heart, he entered a new chapter of his life which ultimately led him to becoming the senior managing director of investments at the Fort Lauderdale office of Marcus & Millichap. We [...]

Catapult Learning aims to improve student success by partnering with SiteZeus

For more than 40 years, Catapult Learning has made it their mission to provide education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for students, regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they may face. And they’re turning to SiteZeus to help them learn more about the schools, students and communities they serve so that they [...]

How Customer Segmentation can drive better location-based decision-making

In the retail revolution, outdated customer segmentation tools are holding brands back. While census data and predictive analytics worked well until recently, they’re no longer the gold standard in location intelligence; this is why the news is riddled with store-closure headlines of top brands like Family Dollar, Sears, and Gap. The question then is [...]

Prescriptive-Led Growth Webinar: A new age of location intelligence

Prescriptive-Led Growth A new age of location intelligence Enjoy this game-changing webinar. SiteZeus Founders Keenan and Hannibal Baldwin cover a radical new approach to location intelligence that puts brands in complete control of growth and optimization. To view this webinar, please tell us a bit about yourself. What is covered? Prescriptive-Led Growth (PLG) Benefits of […]

Going to RECon? #GetYourFREECON

This year SiteZeus is offering up a FREE customer segmentation profile for any location of interest. Just submit a site - it can be an existing site or a competitor’s location. We will geofence that site, and will provide a thorough analysis live at RECon in Las Vegas - Booth N1450 between May 20-22. Questions? Contact sales@sitezeus.com today.