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How mobile data drives profitable market planning

Mobile data transforms human movement into actionable results, and it’s a key driver of profitable market planning for brands of all sizes. Deeply integrated with the SiteZeus platform, it provides unique insights that help you make optimal location-based decisions.

Customer stories

Achieving speed and precision in market planning

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans, part of the Ballard Brands hospitality and foodservice company, has been serving customers small-batch, specialty arabica coffee since 1978. In an enormous industry, the brand sets itself apart through a focus on craftsmanship and southern hospitality — and with 125 new locations in development, it's growing at an astonishing pace.

Location Intelligence

Jump-start your growth with scientific insights

Your brand has gained local popularity, with exceptional service, quality products, and a solid business model. Now it’s time to scale the concept and maximize your profit — but how will you find the time and funds to do so when you’re already busy managing supply chain logistics, staffing levels, marketing campaigns, local regulations, and maybe even franchisee relationships?

Location Intelligence

What’s the best way to calculate sales impact? Hint: It involves tech.

Sales cannibalization might be an age-old problem, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck with age-old solutions. Real estate teams have incorporated scientific calculations into their marketing planning in the last three or four decades, but now, this trend is accelerating as the technology advances.

Location Intelligence

Due diligence done right

Find, evaluate, acquire, grow, optimize, sell, repeat — this cycle of uncovering and expanding promising brands is one all private equity firms are familiar with. And the current market has uniquely positioned you to secure popular emerging brands at a low cost, with their valuations having decreased due to pandemic-related setbacks. But how can you […]


Join us at the 2021 Restaurant Leadership Conference

The Restaurant Leadership Conference is the go-to event for foodservice professionals across the country. With more than 100 speakers sharing their insights on leadership, finances, and industry developments, you’re sure to walk away with revolutionary ideas to help your business thrive.

Press Release

Cousins Subs partners with SiteZeus to propel data-driven market planning

Tampa, Florida (November 8, 2021) Cousins Subs launched nearly five decades ago when cousins Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard decided to bring their favorite sub-style sandwich to the Midwest. The Wisconsin-based sandwich chain now operates nearly 100 stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana and remains hungry for growth. The company has always been driven by a strong mission – to Believe in Better. Serving better quality food, building better communities, and now using better data-driven tools to help identify the best locations in which to expand and bring their concept to more consumers. Cousins Subs is using SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered location intelligence platform to apply a scientific methodology to analyzing reinvestment, relocation, and remodeling decisions and ultimately drive more strategic and profitable infill expansion.


Attending the ICSC conference in Las Vegas?

December 5–7, ICSC is hosting its largest live gathering of the year for leading retail and real estate professionals to connect and learn. You’ll have the chance to meet with peers from across the country, network with the industry’s top innovators, and secure deals to help your business grow.

Customer stories

Expanding to new markets while staying true to family values

Roy Rogers is a western-themed, quick-service restaurant chain known for serving comfort food in cozy environments that feel like sitting at the family dinner table. When the brand decided to embark on a rapid franchise recruitment growth phase, the real estate team knew that they needed a data-driven method for market planning.

Location Intelligence

Scale your franchise with data-driven location intelligence

Franchisees: Pick better locations with an A.I.-powered predictive model based on all your brand’s data.

Location Intelligence

Countless franchisees. One solid market-planning strategy.

Franchisors: Streamline your market-planning process and franchisee relationships with a company-wide franchise portal.

Customer stories

Bringing unique deep-dish pizzas to more people with the right combination of insights and support

For decades, people have been visiting Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria restaurants for a taste of authentic, Chicago deep-dish pizza served with a side of family hospitality. Founded in 1971, today, the brand operates primarily in the Chicagoland area, as well as locations in Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Phoenix. To continue the brand’s rapid growth and bring Chicago deep-dish pizza to everyone craving it, Lou Malnati’s real estate team started searching for a market-planning solution that would enable them to quickly and confidently identify growth opportunities.