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The future is now: How multi-unit brands are leveraging A.I. today

Whether we realize it or not, Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is starting to become a part of our daily fabric. From electronic assistants like Alexa and Siri to business tools like Salesforce and Gmail, A.I. has proved to be a powerful technology that helps improve the way we work and live. Listed below are ten examples of brands that are harnessing the power of A.I. to solve for some of their business challenges.


Webinar: Implementing A.I. in 2020

Join us Jan 29th @ 1:00pm ET to see how retailers are using A.I. and machine learning to automate and solve for complex market analysis.


Are you attending IFA 2020?

IFA (International Franchise Association) is the premier event for franchise professionals providing franchise opportunities, franchise information, and franchise advocacy for over 30 years.


Meeting the delivery demand: Is ghost kitchen the answer?

Valued at more than $22 million in 2019, food delivery—one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry—is expected to generate $200 billion in revenue by 2025. As a result, restaurant brands must appropriately scale front and back-of-house operations to prepare for substantially increasing demand.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Ghost Kitchens | Brett Wilson, DoorDash

In this episode of Tech and Mortar, Tyler talks with Brett Wilson of DoorDash on a big topic right now: Ghost Kitchens. Listen to find out how brands are using third-party delivery to grow and how your brand could be successful in this industry.


Did you make it to RFDC 2019?

If you attended the 2019 Restaurant Finance and Development Conference, you likely met with many restaurant industry professionals and had the opportunity to attend several insightful breakout sessions. If you stopped by the StieZeus booth, you were able to see first-hand the innovative technology that top restaurant brands are leveraging to grow and optimize their locations. You may have also caught a glimpse of Zeus himself!

Case Studies

Why top restaurant brands choose SiteZeus

Curious how and why top restaurant brands use SiteZeus to insource their site selection growth and optimization? Start by getting access to the case studies and customer testimonials that describe the process.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Jim Mizes, SiteZeus / Blaze Pizza

This episode of Tech and Mortar features new SiteZeus board member and retired CEO and president of Blaze Pizza, Jim Mizes. Jim talks with Tyler, our host, about his journey to scaling multiple fast-casual restaurant brands and shares the lessons he learned along the way.


Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill to optimize stores with SiteZeus

As a family-operated business, Hawaiian Bros. focuses on people. Their customers come first. So, when they started thinking about optimizing their current stores and seeking new growth opportunities, they realized they needed a more scientific approach to learning as much as they could about their customers.

Press Release

SiteZeus® names Jim Mizes, retired Blaze Pizza CEO, to its board of directors

Tampa, Florida (October 28, 2019) - SiteZeus, the leading location intelligence software company, has named retired Blaze Pizza CEO and fast-casual visionary Jim Mizes to its Board of Directors.


Webinar: White space analysis re-invented

Unlock the webinar: Site Sonar, our new White space analysis solution. Users can calculate up to 50,000 sales projections in a matter of minutes, with unmatched accuracy. See how brands are leveraging this powerful solution.

Location Intelligence

Slideshare: How Site Sonar helps with White space analysis

White space analysis, the process that helps brands identify new and existing untapped market potential, used to take months. In this SlideShare, you’ll learn how you can cut that process down to minutes—and get unprecedently precise results—with SiteZeus’ Site Sonar solution.