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Is Predictive Modeling for you?

A guide for organizations at every stage: Predictive modeling to help organizations evaluate and select the right sites is poised to transform location-based decision-making. But are the latest in predictive intelligence tools right for you, right now?

What’s ahead for Location Intelligence tools in 2018?

Q&A with Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SiteZeus. Site selection technology is continuing to evolve rapidly and drive transformative change to “old school” site selection practices and methods. SiteZeus is on the cutting edge of that transformation with its location intelligence platform that is powered by the latest in AI and machine learning predictive analytics. [...]

Rush Bowl is bringing health and nutrition back to breakfast with SiteZeus’ help

Rush Bowl is unique eats, crafted from the freshest fruit, decadent yet wholesome ingredients, and offering up to 40 grams of protein, these morning pick-me-ups offering high nutrition along with up to five servings of fruits and vegetables. Launched in Boulder, Colorado in 2004, Rush Bowl is look-ing to expand its mission of bringing healthy options to the masses while [...]

After seven decades of service, Crew Carwash is teaming with SiteZeus for more automotive outlet options

Back in 1948, it was only one of 18 such businesses in the entire United States. Founder Joe Bahm opened the original Mike's Minit Man, and with it, Indiana's first automated car wash. Now, 70 years later, the renamed Crew Carwash is dominating the area with attention to service and commitment to their customers. With 30 outlets, including several providing self-serve wash bays, [...]

Magnolia Bakery Is Collaborating With SiteZeus To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

It's the guilty little pleasure we can't deny indulging in once in a while. From a cupcake piled high with buttery frosting to warm macaroon, coated in warm chocolate , sugar sure has charms to soothe any sweet tooth. Since 1996, dessert lover’s throughout New York City's West Village have been stopping off at Magnolia Bakery to feed their need for pastries, cakes, cookies and [...]

Global Best Practices 2018 Recap

"My experience at Global Best Practices was amazing!" Told by Tyler Carlson, VP of Sales for SiteZeus // During the course of the calendar year SiteZeus attends, sponsors, or exhibits at over a dozen shows. Every trade show and/or conference has its own unique set up; from the attendees, to the overall experience...

Are you going to the IFA 2018 Convention?

IFA is the premier event for franchise professionals. Join SiteZeus February 10-13 in Phoenix, AZ. Stop by booth #253 to learn more about our Location Intelligence platform, and for a live demo. To pre-schedule an appointment to meet with one of our representatives at the conference, please fill out the form below.

The New Empowered Predictive

Download this resource and learn how the latest location-based modeling puts you in complete control for site success. We cover the four things legacy models lack, modern-day machine learning, how to go from reactive to proactive decision-making,. and traditional vs. today’s models

In 2017 we empowered people & locations

We’ve been busy, just like you, designing for the future. Focused on adding stunning new features as well as building strategic data partnerships to fuel your models, and empower you. See what we’ve been up to.

SiteZeus Is Partnering With Burgerim To Bring Its Specialty Sliders To The Masses

Burgerim's gourmet approach to the standard fast food fare has grown to over 160 restaurants in the US, the UK, Spain, Romania, and even Russia. Now SiteZeus has agreed to step in and help the company with its expansion plans. Utilizing our specialized location intelligence platform, which filters the infor-mation from the Olympus Data Exchange in real time, Burgerim will be able [...]