Q1 Recap
2018 Q1 Recap

SiteZeus continues to push the envelope for retailers

Explore our newest features, product enhancements, and resources designed with your success in mind.


What’s new in the tool

1. The Reporting Wizard

Our Reporting Wizard is your portal to all the reports available in SiteZeus. There are 10 types of reports available today and the number is on the rise.

  • Zeustimate SitePak– Potential sites sales projection report
  • Synergy SitePak – Correlations report / Comparable sites report
  • Simply Compare – Compare demographics for up to 10 sites in a given trade area
  • Simply SitePak – Single site report with trade area and variable analysis
  • Savvy SitePak – Compare demographics for a subject site to your sites, or the average of a subset of your sites
  • Quick Demographics SitePak – An easy to digest snapshot of popular demographics
  • Site Attributes SitePak – Report on Site Attributes and their impact on specified sites
  • Nearest Sites SitePak – Report on your existing sites surrounding a location of interest
  • Nearest Layers SitePak – Gather data on all of the layers surrounding a location of interest
  • Excel Export – Easily export Simply, Savvy and Synergy reports to Excel
2. Territory Management & Franchise Permissioning

Now you can break up the map and assign regions and permissions to users. Depending on your needs you can visualize and work in US regions, States, DMA’s, Counties, Zip3’s, CBSA, or your own custom shapes to define territories. Easy to set-up and even easier to manage, users can work in a custom environment to maximize efficiencies across the board.

3. The Sandbox: Portfolio Optimization

Now you can prioritize which stores to remodel, relocate, or close. The SiteZeus Sandbox is a brand new feature designed to help brands looking to optimize their locations; whether it be at a local, regional, or national level. Test theories and make new discoveries.

Start to answer questions like:

  • Which stores will benefit most from a remodel?
  • Should I add more signage to some of my sites?
  • What would happen if I improved operations at particular sites?
  • Which sites will benefit most from more marketing spend?
  • If I build larger sites, will revenue increase?
4. INRIX Traffic Update

INRIX Total Traffic Volume counts are now being calculated and built into models automatically. The traffic attribute is also available for review and reporting from the Reporting Wizard. Users who manually calculate and include traffic counts as an attribute today can retire that from their process.

5. Single Sign-on (SSO)

Security is important and that’s why we’re providing extra “sign in” security. A new integration with SAML 2.0 enables web-based, cross-domain single sign-on (SSO). This helps reduce the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to the user.

6. Help Desk Chat

We provide users with email and phone support, but now you can chat with us too! Have a quick question? Just start typing and a member of our success team will respond live, to get you through your project effectively.

7. Knowledge Base

Our new Knowledge Base can help you get through most of your questions. It’s easy to navigation and keyword friendly. Access FAQ’s, Basics, Advanced User Help, Data Partner Help, and the SiteZeus University. Create tickets for personalized support or engage on a forum to speak with other users.

8. Headway Updates

Be the first to know with Headway. Our customers are always “in the know” with new features, announcements, and anything else regarding the tool. With Headway, we’ve made it easier to deliver this information to our customers. To access updates, simply click on the bell shaped icon in the top right hand corner of the map.

9. Canny – Vote for new Features

Have a suggestion? Let us know with Canny. We encourage users to give us direct feedback and suggestions right inside the SiteZeus application. Provide suggestions and upvote on past suggestions that align with your company needs. We listen!

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Learn & Grow

InSites designed with you in mind


Is Predictive Modeling for you?

A guide for organizations at every stage: Predictive modeling to help organizations evaluate and select the right sites is poised to transform location-based decision-making. But are the latest in predictive intelligence tools right for you, right now?


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  • Four things legacy models lack
  • Modern-day machine learning
  • From reactive to proactive decision-making
  • Traditional vs. today’s models


Are you trying to prioritize a remodel, relocation, or closure?

Tune into this 30 minute webinar as Keenan Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder & Co-CEO, introduces the Sandbox. We’ll cover use cases for this brand new feature to help you and your brand optimize your portfolio with confidence. For example:

  • Which stores will benefit most from a remodel?
  • Should I add more signage to some of my sites?
  • What would happen if I improved operations at particular sites?
  • Which sites will benefit most from more marketing spend?
  • If I build larger sites, will revenue increase?
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