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Q2 Recap
2018 Q2 Recap

SiteZeus introduces a one-of-a-kind Franchise Portal

Maximize your Franchise Potential

  • Forecast with one universal predictive model to benefit both large and small franchisees
  • Break up the map with traditional or custom territories, and assign regions to users
  • Create strict user roles and permissions between your franchise system
  • Fast-track site approval and collaboration between members in the franchise
  • Collect and warehouse revenue and custom site characteristics between your locations
  • Use a scientific approach to location-based decisions, across the organization

3 New Reports

Site Attributes

Report on Site Attributes and their impact on specific sites.

Nearest Sites

Report on your existing locations surrounding a location of interest.

Nearest Layers

Gather data on all of the layers surrounding a location of interest.

Want to see the entire report collection?

We’ll send you a series of sample reports that highlight site sales potential, site demographics, traffic, site comparables, and much more.


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SiteZeus heads to Orlando for Sonny’s 2018 Franchise Conference

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SiteZeus wins first place at Chicago Machine Learning Venture Capital Summit 2018 Pitch Competition

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A New Podcast with Tyler Carlson

We’re excited to introduce “Tech+ Mortar,” a brand new podcast where we interview industry experts to discuss the crossover between retail and technology. Want episode updates in your inbox?

Launching 08.15.2018