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Location Intelligence

Scale your franchise with data-driven location intelligence

Franchisees: Pick better locations with an A.I.-powered predictive model based on all your brand’s data.

Location Intelligence

Countless franchisees. One solid market-planning strategy.

Franchisors: Streamline your market-planning process and franchisee relationships with a company-wide franchise portal.

Customer stories

Bringing unique deep-dish pizzas to more people with the right combination of insights and support

For decades, people have been visiting Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria restaurants for a taste of authentic, Chicago deep-dish pizza served with a side of family hospitality. Founded in 1971, today, the brand operates primarily in the Chicagoland area, as well as locations in Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Phoenix. To continue the brand’s rapid growth and bring Chicago deep-dish pizza to everyone craving it, Lou Malnati’s real estate team started searching for a market-planning solution that would enable them to quickly and confidently identify growth opportunities.