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Case Studies

Sonny’s BBQ cooks up a new off-premise blueprint, served with a side of A.I.-powered market planning

Sonny Tillman founded his first restaurant in Gainesville, FL in 1968, when the world was a very different place. Long before smartphones and online ordering, Tillman and his wife, Lucille, dreamed of “serving slow-cooked, all-you-can-eat BBQ with a generous helping of Southern hospitality”. Now 96 locations strong (and growing), Sonny’s BBQ, spans eight Southeastern states and is one of the country’s largest barbecue chains. 

Press Release

International tea brand Gong Cha taps SiteZeus to accelerate its U.S. expansion

Tampa, Florida (Jan 11, 2021) UK-based Gong Cha is one of the most recognized bubble tea brands in the world. The company has carefully crafted that success on a foundation of premium quality teas sourced from the finest tea estates in Taiwan. Since it was founded in 2006, Gong Cha has expanded to over 19 countries with nearly 14,00 locations worldwide, including 105 stores in the U.S. SiteZeus is excited to be helping the company rapidly and efficiently scale up its multi-unit footprint across the U.S.


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria partners with SiteZeus to aid multi-unit expansion across U.S.

SiteZeus is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Founder Lou Malnati started the Chicago-based pizza company 50 years ago based on the recipe his father helped create at Chicago’s first deep-dish pizzeria in 1943. Currently, the pizzeria has 57 locations in Illinois and 10 more in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The real estate team at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria will leverage SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered platform to identify new markets and sites with high revenue potential.


MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes leverages SiteZeus’ predictive modeling platform to grow confidently in new markets

SiteZeus is excited to announce its latest partnership with MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes, an international fast-casual franchise brand. 2020 has been a challenging year for restaurant brands – but not necessarily for MOOYAH. The brand didn’t just survive the pandemic shutdown but found itself in a growth phase due to several smart initiatives it rolled out pre-pandemic, including menu innovations and a new restaurant design.

Location Intelligence

How A.I. is helping real estate teams pick the right sites for their franchise

SiteZeus’ A.I. powered predictive platform helps multi-unit restaurant brands leave traditional consultants behind.


VantEdge Partners chooses SiteZeus to accelerate growth for its restaurant brands

VantEdge Partners knows what it takes to help businesses succeed. Its team has combined experience investing more than $25 billion in over 50 investments. It’s core strategy? VantEdge Partners is laser-focused on a partner-first mentality and results-driven approach that helps its business partners maximize their growth potential. SiteZeus is excited to be a part of that formula for success.

Featured In

How multi-unit brands thrive with A.I.

In today’s economy, rapid change is a fact of life. To maintain a successful, yet flexible market strategy, multi-unit brands need the right data and the right technology. By adopting an A.I.-driven platform, forward-thinking businesses can predict, evolve, and thrive with confidence in a forever changing landscape.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Austin Smith, Savory Fund

On this episode of Tech and Mortar, hear from restaurant professional, Austin Smith of Savory Restaurant Fund, on his experience operating and developing brands.

Press Release

Savory selects SiteZeus to help fuel nationwide expansion

Tampa, Florida (July 16, 2020) Today, SiteZeus announced that Savory selected its location intelligence platform to help make fast and effective real estate decisions that will fuel rapid expansion of its portfolio brands.


Easily validate your grocery sales projections

Getting sales projections on a proposed grocery location should take mere minutes. However, accuracy and transparency should not be concessions for speed. When brands leverage SiteZeus, they get a highly accurate sales projection within minutes as well as the ability to explore the variables behind every projection. With SiteZeus, brands have a constant, high-level understanding of their model accuracy using the Synergy Power Score. The solution represents the median accuracy of the overall model. Users can also review the variables that are positively and negatively affecting their individual projections with the Variable Impact tool. Additional features within SiteZeus – such as mobile data, traffic data, and comparison of similar sites – equip users to further validate their projections with ease. To see how you can validate sales projections using SiteZeus, watch below:


Instant insights into grocery revenue potential

When analyzing proposed grocery locations, evaluating the revenue potential is a top priority. In the past, brands used a time-consuming, complex process to understand sales potentials. With SiteZeus users can evaluate the revenue potential for a proposed grocery location faster, easier, and more accurately – resulting in higher ROI on location decisions! Once a brand has a predictive model inside of SiteZeus, they are able to run as many projections as they want. By simply dropping a pin on the map, a revenue projection – known as a “Zeustimate” – is immediately calculated. To make the Zeustimate even more accurate, brands are able to update site characteristics on the proposed location (such as square footage, building type, etc.), and the machine learning instantly re-evaluates the location potential. Each Zeustimate is also conveniently broken down into different revenue streams to provide more detailed insights. To see how with SiteZeus finding and validating new grocery locations is easier than ever before, watch the quick demo below:

Press Release

Checkers & Rally’s fuels nationwide expansion with SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform

TAMPA, Fla. (June 1, 2020) — SiteZeus is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Checkers & Rally's, an iconic and innovative drive-thru restaurant chain known for its exceptional value, people-first attitude and “Crazy Good Food." With nearly 900 locations and plenty of available territory in desired markets across the U.S., Checkers & Rally’s will leverage this A.I. powered, subscription-based platform to further expand its thriving portfolio, while making critical market planning decisions.