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Brick-and-mortar retail meets Big Data- and there’s no turning back

Cutting-edge technology and brick-and-mortar retailers have never got along perfectly. The relationship is complicated, but it can be incredibly harmonious despite the knee-jerk opposition of many retailers to things like online shopping, mobile apps, bluetooth beacons and now Big Data. Business owners who reject these ideas are often left behind as the natural selection of capitalism demands better, smarter, and cheaper strategies. But what about those who embrace these revolutionary technologies? This is where we see an elegant integration of ancient and modern, providing customers with the best of both worlds: the familiarity and convenience of brick-and-mortar retail, enhanced by the actionable and dynamic insights provided by machine learning.

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The top 5 commercial real estate mistakes with demographics

As a real estate broker, knowing when to use data is tough. How much should you rely on what the demographics tell you? Or how much weight should you place on the painfully obvious vagrancy problem when you drive through the trade area?

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Artificial intelligence finds a home in the restaurant industry

Every seasoned restaurant owner or manager knows that where there is growth, once stood a significant risk. No booming business entered the game, be it opening a new location, a menu makeover, or a completely new brand, with 100 percent confidence.

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Why your fast casual brand can’t ignore artificial intelligence

In a world stunted by a powerful recession, thousands of businesses closed their doors while a small, Boston-based burrito chain was getting ready to take their brand to the national level. Despite the failing economy, Boloco was thriving in its existing locations.

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The rise of location intelligence

You’ve heard it before. You know it by heart. Location, location location: this triplicate is informally known as the golden rule of property-owning. Where a building stands absolutely defines the success of its endeavors within. The mantra, though simplistic, is tried and true.

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The democratization of location intelligence unleashed

Big data is growing fast and integrating it with Business Intelligence (BI) systems is a vital step that organizations are undertaking to secure predictable forms of success and ultimately gain higher Return on Investment (ROI). Presently, enterprises across every industry are leveraging multifarious forms of BI tools that facilitate users to consolidate and report basic information.

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Drowning in Big Data?

In a world of ever growing data; enterprises, businesses and entrepreneurs are relying far less on gut, intuition and uninformed risk-taking to deliver results. Countless forms of big data and business Intelligence technologies have surfaced over the past decade, creating an explosion in increased analytics efficiency yet also a human resource paradigm.