Buddy’s Pizza selects SiteZeus to help grow their tradition

Since 1946, Buddy’s Pizza has been a fixture of the Detroit metro area, serving the Original Detroit-Style Pizza to millions of fans. Now, with help from SiteZeus, Buddy’s Pizza will be able to bring their recipe for success to a growing number of new markets.

Currently, Buddy’s Pizza operates more than a dozen locations throughout Michigan and is known for their fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch recipes, and commitment to quality. As the brand continues to look for new areas of growth, they’ll be able to rely on the real-time data insights they receive from SiteZeus to help them make the best possible predictive location decisions.

SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create fast, accurate and transparent predictive modeling. Multi-unit brands use our A.I.-powered technology to make confident, data-driven decisions to solve for infill expansion, greenfield growth, remodel analysis, relocation analysis, and closure analysis. For information on how SiteZeus’ dynamic modeling can help your company, contact us at info@sitezeus.com.

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