Case Study – How Aroma Joe’s leverages SiteZeus for scientific site-selection decisions

Aroma Joe’s has developed a concept and a business model that is proving to be a hit with both customers and franchisees. The company was built on a foundation of serving up really good coffee and positive energy to the next generation of coffee drinkers. The tasty “fuel” includes coffee sourced from around the world along with their own unique infused blends. Aroma Joe’s owners, franchisees and baristas also pride themselves on energizing customers with personal, social and positive experience. That focus is embodied in the company’s three “Laws of Service” – No intercoms. No mistakes. No attitudes.

Franchising Accelerates Growth

Aroma Joe’s opened its first store in Rochester, N.H. in 2000 and grew to more than a dozen before the company started franchising in 2013. Since then, growth has been accelerating with 65 stores open as of mid-year 2019 and a current pace of adding about 10 new stores each year. Like many franchisors, Aroma Joe’s faces the challenge of managing growing demand from new and existing franchisees to open new stores and expansion into new regions – all while still maintaining the quality and personality of the brand that have made it so successful.

Adopting a More Scientific Approach

Initially, Aroma Joe’s focused on opening stores in its own backyard of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Demand from franchisees and customers is now pulling Aroma Joe’s into new markets and prompting changes in how the company approaches its site selection. In the early days, the company could send an employee or franchisee out to scout a new location, and yes, even count the number of cars passing by.

Expansion into new regions, including new stores now open in Florida and Pennsylvania, have prompted a more scientific approach. The company quickly realized that the formula and strategy for picking a great store in Farmington or Merrimack, New Hampshire doesn’t work quite the same as in Pompano Beach, Florida. Aroma Joe’s partnered with SiteZeus in 2017 to leverage its data analytics and artificial intelligence to put more science behind its site selection decisions.

Our partnership with SiteZeus continues to exceed our expectations.  The amount of useful data that is available through the program is only paled by the sheer quality of customer service that has been provided by the team at SiteZeus. Shout out and thanks to Tyler! As a company that is so strongly focused on being able to deliver a unique customer experience it is vital for our stores to be located in the most convenient location for our customers, and SiteZeus helps us to make sure we accomplish that!”

Joseph DeMartin,
Director of Franchise Development & General Counsel with Aroma Joe’s Franchising, LLC

Preparing for the Future

As Aroma Joe’s continues to expand its geographic footprint, it is reaching new customers and growing brand awareness. That evolution means a larger target market and changing customer profile. SiteZeus is helping Aroma Joe’s to capture and better understand its sales data and site characteristics at different locations to develop a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t. Layering in more data and science to the process doesn’t change the core business model that has made Aroma Joe’s successful. But it does help the company to evolve along with its growing base of customers and franchisee partners.

About SiteZeus

SiteZeus® is a location intelligence technology platform that delivers cloud-based Prescriptive-Led Growth (PLG) modeling solutions for multi-unit brands. Our platform is powered by artificial intelligence to create fast, accurate and transparent modeling. Brands leverage our technology to make confident, data-driven decisions to solve for growth and optimization. For a free Proof of Concept or more info on how SiteZeus’ custom, PLG models can help grow your company, contact us at

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