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Clean Juice Bar teams with SiteZeus to spread healthy lifestyle

When the Eckle family opened their first Clean Juice Bar location in 2015, their vision was to share their organic and healthy lifestyle habits with the world. Since then, they have opened three more locations and franchised 51 across eight states. Needless to say, Clean Juice Bar is making a splash in the health-food industry with its tasty drinks and clean, fresh ingredients.

Paired with the franchise expertise of Clean Juice Bar, SiteZeus will help the team interpret, analyze and act on the most relevant and up-to-date information the world of artificial intelligence has to offer. Top-notch data visualization technologies offered within the SiteZeus platform make insights accessible, and offer confidence for risky decisions.

Say goodbye to gut feelings and best-guesses with the help of SiteZeus, the most user-friendly location intelligence.

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