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Steve Fiedler

Retail Site Selection Strategist & QSR, The Elite Group

Consumate US real estate professional proficient in creation & execution of new store opening pr...

Lee Arnold

Executive Chairman, Colliers International Florida

Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Arnold Companies consortium of private companies inclu...

Jim Balis

Managing Director, CapitalSpring

Strategic Restaurant Leadership and Operations

Marcus Cook

Senior Vice President, Baum Realty Group, LLC

Marcus Cook joined Baum Realty Group in 2016 bringing his expertise in the hospitality markets and h...

Mike Demetriou

President, Baum Realty Group, LLC

I manage the day to day operations and strategic growth of Baum Realty Group, LLC (Baum Realty), Bau...

Don Fertman

Chief Development Officer, Subway

Working in the Franchise industry for over 35 years, Don has participated in Global Development, Str...

Kevin Foreman

Technology Executive who is changing the world, INRIX

Global mobile, social, local, big data and software executive with over 20 years of successful gener...

Ray Lauletti

Real Estate Consultant, LDC Group, LLC

Ray Lauletti is an accomplished real estate development and franchising professional with more than ...

Beth Mattson-Teig

Freelance Business Writer & Editor, Franchise Times

I have been working as a freelance business writer for 15+ years. I specialize in commercial real es...

Chon Nquyen

Experienced Entrepreneur, AVIT

Chon T. Nguyen is a highly successful serial entrepreneur focusing on technology systems for busines...

Steven Roberts

President, COO & Founder, Restuarant Magic Sowtware

Aaron Ruben

VP of Development, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Group, Inc.

Bob Rycroft

Vice President, TDn2K

Multifaceted restaurant executive with a unique combination of Finance, HR, Marketing, Real Estate, ...

Ed Teixeira

Chief Operating Officer, Franchise Grade

Currently the COO for Franchise I've had the opportunity to spend over 35 years in the fr...