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Black Box Intelligence and SiteZeus Partner to deliver unparalleled data modules for restaurant developers

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) APRIL 25, 2017- Black Box Intelligence, a TDn2K company, has partnered with leading SaaS location intelligence technology platform SiteZeus®. Black Box Intelligence average unit volume data will integrate and enhance the SiteZeus platform, making it easier than ever for brands, brokers and developers to screen markets based on actual restaurant revenue performance.


INRIX Phase II Webinar: Are you looking for day of week and day-parted traffic data?

Hannibal Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder & Co-CEO, presents our third series of “Does data have a seat at your table.” He goes over the newest methods of leveraging INRIX’s cutting edge traffic counts, for over 300 million cell phones, by hour of day.

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CREvolve Episode 7: Location Intelligence Data Collectors SiteZeus

Streamed live on Jan 9, 2017: Watch as Keenan joins Bucky, Julie, and Rivers as they discuss the state of commercial real estate brokerage and the tech that drives deals.


UberMedia webinar: How do people move in your trade area?

Check out our second series of “Does data have a seat at your table?” – the UberMedia edition. Get ready to see Pulse, UberMedia’s mobile density data, live in our real-time artificial intelligence platform, SiteZeus Synergy. We’ll uncover why some of the savviest brands are paying attention to this data set.

Press Release

SiteZeus® injects UberMedia’s Pulse technology into their supercharged data stack

TAMPA, Fla., Jan 18, 2017 — In an unparalleled global data partnership, location intelligence leader SiteZeus will now offer clients premium access to UberMedia’s granular, cutting-edge population movement analytics. The integration brings a new level of predicting power to the comprehensive SiteZeus platform and pushes their strongest conviction to the core— making big data a commodity.


INRIX webinar: Is mobile and GPS data a part of your fundamental decision making process?

Check out our first edition of "Does data have a seat at your table?" If Mobile and GPS data are not a part of your fundamental decision making process, they should be. Watch this webinar to learn about our newest data partner, INRIX, a proven leader within the transportation data segment.

Press Release

SiteZeus taps INRIX traffic data for retail site selection

Tampa, FL —October 4, 2016— SiteZeus®, the leader in location intelligence technology for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers, today announced a location data collaboration with INRIX, the global leader in transportation analytics and connected car services, to bring roadway traffic information to retail site selection and real estate.

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Is your data leading you deeper into the dark?

Your evil stepmom is leading you deep into the woods (with the obvious intention of abandoning you there) and you realize your only hope of finding your way home is dropping trail markers periodically along your path.

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The democratization of location intelligence unleashed

Big data is growing fast and integrating it with Business Intelligence (BI) systems is a vital step that organizations are undertaking to secure predictable forms of success and ultimately gain higher Return on Investment (ROI). Presently, enterprises across every industry are leveraging multifarious forms of BI tools that facilitate users to consolidate and report basic information.

Press Release

SiteZeus makes the 2016 CIO Review’s “100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers”

Big Data is no more a buzzword. Now that organizations have already put their wide arms around Big Data, the next impediment lies in refining the data to bring out insightful and meaningful results. With every bit of ‘0’ and ‘1’ being harnessed as meaningful “collections,” enterprises are sure to achieve complete utilization of their concrete information, and attain significant outcomes.

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Why do brands need to be aware of location intelligence?

What is location intelligence? Location Intelligence (LI) is a business intelligence tool that can be used for a multitude of reasons. Today we see LI mainly used for deriving meaningful insight from geospatial data to solve specific problems. Data by design can be intricate and overwhelming; for that reason, SiteZeus, a location intelligence SAAS solution, built a software platform for commercial real estate at large that takes copious amounts of data and makes sense of it all. It does so through organizing the data & relationships in a digestible, visually appealing experience. This results in an actionable insight, generated in real-time, for location based decisions.

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Drowning in Big Data?

In a world of ever growing data; enterprises, businesses and entrepreneurs are relying far less on gut, intuition and uninformed risk-taking to deliver results. Countless forms of big data and business Intelligence technologies have surfaced over the past decade, creating an explosion in increased analytics efficiency yet also a human resource paradigm.