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New Features

Whitespace Analysis: Multi-Location Sales Forecasting in Seconds

Instead of selecting individual locations one by one, lasso as many as you want at once to view projected sales revenue for each location. Whether you want to predict future sales at competitor locations, analyze market saturation, or identify easy ways to outperform existing competitor locations, SiteZeus gives you the intel in seconds.

Zeustimate SitePak Report

We’ve upgraded our Zeustimate Report, also known as our sales projection report. Now, instead of just seeing the Zeustimate breakdown by revenue type, you can also see which other similar sites match the prospect site. Also, to better understand the projection you can see a categorical breakdown of variables that impact that sales projection. These beautiful reports take approximately 3 seconds to produce.

Google Points of Interest Icons

Users can now visualize points of interest on the map in any map view. Zoom far enough into the map to find these automatically loaded on the map for faster analysis. From a distance you can see the category that the POI fits in.

Revenue Toggle: Hide Zeustimate revenues on select reports

Now part of select reports that display forecasted sales, the Report Revenue toggle will allow you to hide revenue in your chosen SitePak. Your selection can be saved with report and presentation templates for one-time automation.

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Webinars & Resources

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