HOTWORX selects SiteZeus to help build the future of fitness

With their innovative fitness technology and unique business model, HOTWORX is poised to meet a growing demand for their industry-first fusion of heat, infrared and isometric exercise. And they’ve chosen SiteZeus to help them meet that demand.

Founded in 2014, HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program that combines 30-minute isometric or 15-min High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions with the benefits of infrared heat absorption. HOTWORX currently has dozens of locations in 15 states across the US. As they continue to grow their brand, SiteZeus’ industry-leading site selection technology add to their competitive advantage.

SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered location intelligence platform puts the power of user-friendly predictive analytics into the hands of clients like HOTWORX, Now HOTWORX can base their location decisions on proven analytics to help maximize their future success.

SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create fast, accurate and transparent predictive modeling. Multi-unit brands use our A.I.-powered technology to make confident, data-driven decisions to solve for infill expansion, greenfield growth, remodel analysis, relocation analysis, and closure analysis. For information on how SiteZeus’ dynamic modeling can help your company, contact us at

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