In 2017 we empowered people & locations

We’ve been busy, just like you, designing for the future. Focused on adding stunning new features as well as building strategic data partnerships to fuel your models, and empower you.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Rapid Innovation

We made predictive modeling transparent

It takes guts to pull back the curtain on A.I. and Machine Learning to explain how and why a model is built as it is. In our core, we believe that transparency translates to trust, and that’s why we’ve carefully designed these three, game-changing features:

Variable Importance

With Variable Importance, you’ll have greater insight into your predictive model. Understand the “why” behind your model and see which variables influence your model.

Variable Impact

Curious to know the monetary impact variables have on your next projection? Now you can. Visualize the impact every attribute has for every unique sales projection.

Smart Comps

Easily visualize comparable locations to a subject site, based on Variable Importance. Smart Comps gather the top 5 sites that go through a similar path in our random forest model.

Building partnerships

The ever-growing Olympus Data Exchange

We understand the importance of healthy data, and that’s why we’ve made these strategic partnerships that make up The Olympus Data Exchange. Curious to know more about the exchange? Ask a representative today, or browse around below:

Watch & Learn

Start up the queue!

We just covered our 5th Edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” a series of webinars around our new datasets. We also cover new feature webinars and have co-hosted webinars with leading organizations. Dive in and enjoy.

  • Get the location and customer insight you need

  • IFA Wednesdaywise Webinar: The newest methods in predictive modeling

  • Leverage Location Characteristics & Sales Comps

  • Adding Transparency to your Predictive Modeling

  • Leverage restaurant performance from your peer groups

  • Is site selection an art or a science?

  • Looking for day of week & day-parted traffic data?

  • How do people move in your trade area?

Resources & Guides

We crafted helpful literature

We couldn’t do it alone. Thanks collaboration between other industry leaders and our own experts, we’ve developed a series of resources and guides that touch upon popular topics within the location intelligence space. If you represent a brand that’s experiencing growth, or optimization, you should jump into some of our latest pieces.

  • The new empowered predictive: Learn how the latest location-based modeling puts you in complete control for site success

  • The reverse engineering revolution in site selection | Select better sites with data

  • Insource or outsource, is there a better option?

  • Man vs machine | Is site selection an art or a science?

  • Leverage restaurant performance from your peer groups

  • Leverage restaurant performance from your peer groups

In great company

The family is growing

We take our commitment to our clients to heart. Every new dataset, feature, visualization and report is methodically delivered, to pioneer quick, trustworthy, predictive intelligence.

Big wins

We hit some milestones

It truly has been a year to remember. The team is grateful to have been recognized for our accomplishments in the Location Intelligence arena.

  • Hannibal Baldwin takes home the “30 under 30, Hall of Fame 2017” prize presented by The Tampa Bay Business Journal

  • SiteZeus wins first place and cash prize at Florida Early Stage Capital Conference

  • Microsoft BizSpark Stories – Mitigate risk and capitalize on profitable new opportunities with SiteZeus

  • SiteZeus Takes Home Two Wins For This Year’s Stevie® American Business Awards

We’ll continue to raise the bar

Are you ready to? We can answer all of your questions and give you a feel for what to expect from this powerful subscription. First, let’s get you a live demo: