In 2018 we delivered

New Features. New Datasets. New Platform.

Dive into this recap and explore major product updates, helpful resources, short webinars, and articles designed to deliver insight and action for your locations. Here’s a quick key to help you navigate the 2018 Snapshot.

New Features for SiteZeus 2018

Reporting Wizard

Our Reporting Wizard is your portal to all the reports available in SiteZeus. There are 10 types of reports available today and the number is on the rise.

Territory Management + Franchise Permissioning

Now you can break up the map and assign regions and permissions to users to maximize efficiency.

Sandbox: Portfolio Optimization

Now you can prioritize which stores to remodel, relocate, or close. Test theories and make new discoveries.

Help-Desk Chat

We provide users with email and phone support, but now you can chat with us too! Just start typing and a member of our success team will respond live!

Knowledge Base

Access FAQ’s, Basics, Advanced User Help, Data Partner Help, and the SiteZeus University. Create tickets, or engage on our forums.

Vote for New Features

Provide suggestions and upvote on past suggestions that align with your company needs. We listen!

Mobile GeoFencing

Visualize mobile location data 2 hours before and 2 hours after visiting any selected site. Filters are available as well for more granular results.

INRIX Variable Expansion

This ever-expanding data set just added 13 more variables. It will now be automatically included in your model calculations for subscribed users.

Canadian Demographic Data Bundle

If you have Canadian locations now you can create a custom Canadian model for fast, accurate market and location analysis.

Layers Database Update

Understand where your competition is by leveraging the latest restaurant and retail database from CAP locations.

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Webinars & Resources

SiteZeus Out & About

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Episode 008, December 3 2018

Kevin Foreman, INRIX


Episode 007, November 19 2018

Adam Saxton, The Saxton Group


Episode 006, November 7 2018

Chris Ressa, DLC Management Corp


Episode 005, October 24 2018

Gregg Katz, The Shopping Center Group


Episode 004, October 10 2018

Jim Balis, Capital Spring