Multi-Brand Operators Use Science to Solve for Market Optimization

Location intelligence technology is creating a disruption in site selection by replacing “gut instincts” with data-driven decisions that help deliver stronger site selection performance and market optimization. SiteZeus was born to replace outdated site selection methodology – namely stale models that took a long time to build and did not guarantee accuracy.

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How can franchisors leverage the power of A.I. to solve for specific challenges?

SiteZeus is a multi-faceted platform that can solve for a variety of issues when it comes to optimizing market presence and boosting unit level performance. Location intelligence uses inputs from a variety of site-attributes to create an above AUV (average unit volume) store model, as well as analyze locations to predict sales forecasts based on its specific attributes and characteristics.

Scientific analysis provides quantifiable results that can help brands make decisions with greater confidence. How many locations can I open in a new market? Where are the best untapped opportunities? How might store improvements such as increasing the seat count, expanding the parking lot or adding a drive-thru lane impact sales? SiteZeus also has built a Franchise Portal that allows franchisors and franchisees to access and share data to make better data-driven decisions. Some of the issues that SiteZeus can solve for include:

  • Infill Expansion
  • Greenfield Growth
  • Remodel Analysis
  • Relocation Strategy
  • Closure Analysis

What are some of the key advantages of location intelligence tech?

  • Speed: SiteZeus’ A.I. technology is able to sift through copious amounts of data at lightning speed.
  • Accuracy: A.I. platforms like SiteZeus can accurately forecast sales on potential sites, while also including a calculated percentage estimate for that prediction.
  • Transparency: Always know how accurate your model is and understand which variables impact your sales projections.
  • Dynamic Modeling: A traditional consultant can spend 4-5 months building a static model that is already outdated by the time it is operational due to market changes. In comparison, SiteZeus can create “living” models that deliver results in about two weeks.
  • Cost Saving: Users can save both time and money by choosing better sites and avoiding costly real estate mistakes.

How can I get started?

Getting started is as simple as signing up for a free model. We are willing to show you with a proof of concept, just how fast, easy and accurate SiteZeus is, before any financial commitments. We don’t require a major system upgrade or process change. SiteZeus’ predictive modeling can complement existing site selection processes.

To sign up for a custom predictive model, visit

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