Prescriptive-Led Growth

The new A.I.-powered methodology transforming spatial success

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Prescriptive-Led Growth

The evolution of Location Intelligence

Prescriptive-Led growth is…

How is this possible? The powerful prescriptive process triple-threat

What companies can solve with Prescriptive-Led Growth

Go from good enough to great with Prescriptive-Led Growth

Chapter 1

Prescriptive-Led Growth

As brick and mortar brands face a future of unprecedented competition, changing consumer behavior and cost pressures, they find themselves at a crossroads: Will they choose the right path to retail success, or fall behind on the journey?

To discover what direction leads towards smart market growth, retailers must address a vast array of complex questions. These range from “How many locations can I open in a market?” and “Who and where are my customers?” to “What will the impact on sales be if a second location opens five miles away?” and “What specific trade area offers the most revenue opportunities?”

Over the decades, the techniques used to answer these questions have evolved, but they have never delivered the accuracy and speed necessary to be truly transformative. In addition, retail brands have traditionally lacked the power to solve their own location conundrums, ending up in a state of analysis paralysis.

Now, nearly 20 years after the last go-to market strategy was introduced to retail, the future of location intelligence has arrived.

Thanks to data science and the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, the days of educated guesses are over. The very fabric of location intelligence is changing, and now highly accurate, data-driven answers can empower brands in-house.

The paradigm shift disrupting the retail landscape is called Prescriptive-Led Growth, defined as instances when A.I. driven technology suggests location-based decisions through an empowering user experience, solving for complex spatial goals without the need for traditional consulting intervention.

Brands that embrace and adopt the Prescriptive-Led Growth methodology can confidently control their own location destiny, based on their priorities and goals, with the flexibility and speed that’s required today. They instantly gain the advantage over competitors that stick with old, slow, “good enough” consultative approaches.