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Leverage our national restaurant performance index

Our newest addition to The Olympus Data Exchange is Black Box Intelligence, a TDn2K company, which tracks performance across 27,000 restaurants, 195 DMAs, 150 distinct brands and represents over 66 billion dollars in revenue. Want to see Black Box Intelligence in action?

“We understand that transparency translates into trust. Since conception our goal has been to design a product that users could trust, and today we’re two steps closer.”

– Hannibal Baldwin, Co-CEO

Variable Importance

With Variable Importance, you’ll have greater InSite into your predictive model. Understand the “why” behind your model; see which variables drive your model.

Variable Impact

Curious to know the monetary impact variables have in your predictive model? We’ve just unlocked this level of transparency! Start to visualize the impact these attributes have per Zeustimate.

Can this level of transparency in predictive modeling and machine learning benefit you?

See it in action

Watch as Keenan Baldwin, Co-CEO, in under 30 minutes unveils these two new tools, designed to provide unprecedented transparency in location based predictive modeling.

Additional Updates 

Revenue Layer Display

Revenues are visible on the map when you hover over a Layer pin. Now you can turn Revenue’s on and off in the Layer’s Panel.

Even faster importer

Load larger projects even faster than before! You can also switch in and out of projects in-between loads.

Advanced report exports

We have added the ability to export data from our platform directly into an Excel spreadsheet, two unique ways.

Site Attribute Templates

Create Site Attribute templates and apply them to Bolts to generate even more accurate Zeustimates.

Bulk Changes to Attributes

Adding a lot of Bolts to your project and need a faster way to adjust the site attributes? We have you covered.

Search Master List

Now you can search for the Top 10 locations by revenue or Top 10% of locations by revenue or create your own value.

Curious to know why some of the leading brands choose SiteZeus?

“With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

– Don Fertman, Subway Chief Development Officer