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Site Attributes

Site Attributes, or location characteristics, are more powerful and transparent than ever. You can now see which attribute values, if adjusted, will impact your Zeustimate (projection).
* You know parking makes an impact on your stores, but does your model?

Competitive Sales Comps

You can now add revenues to your Layer Locations to visualize the competition. For restaurateurs, our data partner Restaurant Trends fits perfectly in this new feature.
* You know that competition down the street is killing it, but does your model?

Smart Comps

Easily visualize comparable locations to a subject site, based on Variable Importance. Smart Comps gather the top 5 sites that go through a similar path in our random forest model.
* Is there transparency baked into your predictive model?

The industry’s only day-parted traffic vehicle count data

New INRIX Volume

Get traffic segment averages, by direction, for free with any SiteZeus subscription. As an add-on, to access day-parted and day of the week traffic data, hover over any road segment, click it, and subscribe to our data plan, on the spot. It’s that easy.

Latest Webinar

Leverage Location Characteristics & Competitor Sales Comps in your Predictive Model

Enjoy this webinar, as Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, takes you through these valuable new features. We demo them and address their benefits.

“This is really a great leap forward in our evolution of utilizing data to make high-quality decisions in site selection.”

– Pita Pit USA, Director of Real Estate

Watch Pita Pit USA drive SiteZeus

  • 0:30 | How to get a Zeustimate (Sales Forecasting)
  • 1:05 | Revenue & Demographic Heat Mapping
  • 3:09 | Simply Analytics
  • 4:16 | Savvy Analytics
  • 5:13 | Synergy Analytics
  • 7:01 | INRIX Traffic Volume

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