SiteZeus Helps Jack’s Family Restaurant Bring Southern Flavor to More Locations

With their handmade food and strong focus on giving back to the communities they serve, Jack’s Family Restaurant is All About the South – and thanks to a new partnership with SiteZeus, they’re getting ready to expand to more locations than ever before.

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Started in 1960 as a walk-up hamburger stand, Jack’s Family Restaurant now operates over 160 locations throughout the southern United States. SiteZeus’ robust suite of location intelligence tools allows Jack’s the find all the metrics and analysis they need to make smart location selections—all within one powerful platform.

SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create fast, accurate and transparent predictive modeling. Multi-unit brands use our A.I.-powered technology to make confident, data-driven decisions to solve for infill expansion, greenfield growth, remodel analysis, relocation analysis, and closure analysis.

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