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Press Release

Pronto Insurance launches strategic national expansion backed by data pioneer

TAMPA, Fla., Mar. 26, 2018—Pronto Insurance, a leading Texas-based insurance franchise, is embarking on a major expansion into California and Florida with the help of location-intelligence platform SiteZeus®. Through this strategic partnership, Pronto Insurance is identifying profitable locations in new markets with confidence and clarity.


Building a power brand in the 21st century

It all comes down to data. Successful restaurants have a few obvious things in common: great food, appropriate price points and competent behind-the-scenes managers to oversee day-to-day operations. But what does it take for a successful restaurant to transform itself into a powerful national brand? Two seasoned entrepreneurs have found a powerful solution to one of the biggest challenges of the foodservice industry, and it’s simpler than you might think.


How a fast casual restaurant leverages SiteZeus, in under 10 minutes

See how Pita Pit USA drives SiteZeus’ location intelligence tool in this quick demonstration. See how easy it is to sales forecast, dig into analytics and generate valuable reports. Enjoy!

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For every query, big data has the answer

Big data, analytics and the Internet of Things are creeping into all aspects of business operations these days from staffing and inventory management to real estate and social media strategy. Many franchisors are finding it is time to jump on the trend or risk getting left behind.


First Watch Restaurants augments growth strategy with leading location intelligence platform

First Watch, the Daytime Café, has recently joined the already impressive family of brands leveraging the new leading Location Intelligence Platform, SiteZeus. First Watch has been in the news recently after acquiring several notable brands, The Egg & I, The Good Egg and Bread & Company; bringing the total unit count close to 300 underneath the First Watch Restaurants umbrella.