Change is a comin’

COVID-19 has taught us that change is inevitable, and it waits for no one. No business model or sales prediction will remain relevant forever. As markets shift, successful brands must follow suit. Simply stated, financial resilience requires us all to evolve constantly.

SiteZeus will help you stay ahead of the curve and make better location decisions, fast. Empower your real estate team with solutions that allow you to:

  1. Capture greater off-premises sales
  2. Keep the right locations open
  3. Understand who and where your customers are
  4. Test (key scenarios) before you invest
  5. Grow wisely
  1. Capture greater off-premises sales

    Off-premises sales channels represent survival in the short-term and a competitive edge in the long-term. In the post-COVID world, we expect them to drive 30% of all restaurant sales—nearly double that of 2019. How can your brand capture its share?

    In just minutes, SiteZeus can help you:

    • Highlight markets with growing, or high demand for off-premises dining
    • Uncover which locations are best suited for delivery and takeout
    • Determine if adding a drive-thru will boost sales
    • Decide which locations should reduce seating capacity

    Off-premises sales for delivery is highly effective in suburban markets with high population density. Use SiteZeus’ Population Density data and Demographic Heat Mapping to identify best suited markets for your off-premise efforts.

    Start capturing your brand-specific off-premise sales, today.

  2. Keep the right locations open

    As Americans slowly return to the marketplace, take a data-driven, budget-conscious approach to reopening, relocating and permanently closing select locations. Also, consider how the disappearance of some competitors may have changed your strategic position in current and future markets.

    Hit the ground running with a SiteZeus Impact Analysis. Within hours, you will:

    • Determine which store(s) to open first
    • Develop a reopening strategy focused on maximum sales potential
    • Decide which sites to permanently close or relocate
    • Understand how opening a new site will affect remaining locations
    • Analyze how competitor closures affect current and future market strategies

    Understand the impact of reopening locations. Mobile location data can show you which customers would redirect to open locations, based off convenience in trip data.

    Study your brand-specific Impact analysis, today.

  3. Who and where are your customers?

    If your marketing budget is tight, arm your team to quickly answer two important questions: “who are my customers?” and “where can I find more of them?” Use Geosocial Data (social data + location) to enhance your demographic analyses and target the right markets.

    SiteZeus will help you:

    • Find dense pockets of your customers
    • Visualize their paths to purchase
    • Identify areas of probable overlap with competitors
    • Get a pulse on changing consumer behaviors
    • Make the best use of marketing dollars

    With Customer Segmentation Data users can map top ranking customer behaviors across markets. Find densely concentrated pockets of customers to reach through marketing channels. Use these insights to optimize marketing spend and to focus on new customers that are within delivery’s reach.

    Understand where to optimize your marketing dollars, today.

  4. Test before you invest

    Want to make advantageous changes to your business model, but don’t know where to start? With SiteZeus’ Sandbox, you can run real-time experiments on multiple locations today.

    By making potential changes on up to 50 attributes, you can answer questions like:

    • Which of my locations should offer delivery?
    • Should I reduce seating capacity?
    • Should I add a drive-thru?
    • Would an extra POS system boost my sales?
    • Will extra parking spaces bring more customers to my store?

    Run experiments in the SiteZeus Sandbox to analyze the impact of site remodels and operational changes across your portfolio. In the above use case, the user tests the impact of adding a drive through to 33 locations. The results show that 24 of those sites will be positively affected, with a $200k boost to revenue.

    Begin running your experiments, today.

  5. Grow wisely

    In the end, COVID-19 will have forced the permanent closure of up to 110,000 restaurant locations nationwide. If you are in a strong cash position, this unfortunate reality may be your ticket to growth, so use it wisely.

    Partner with SiteZeus to run sales projections on up to 50,000 sites nationwide. In just minutes, you can identify the next best market for your concept’s growth.

    Enable your brand to:

    • Build a white space analysis focused on high performing locations
    • Weed out low performers
    • Grab lucrative real estate opportunities ahead of the competition
    • Focus on the most promising markets for your concept

    Understand the best growth opportunity by using SiteZeus’ white space analysis solution, Site Sonar. In minutes, tens of thousands of projections blanket the nation, with blue dots indicating your maximum sales potential. Brands can zoom into targeted regions to narrow efforts.

    Run your White Space Analysis, today.

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