Man vs. Machine: Don’t get left behind

Join us at this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference, on April 10th at 2:15pm – Grand Sonoran C. We’ll be kicking off the conference at our breakout session, where Tyler Carlson, VP of Sales at SiteZeus, will be running a panel session with Keenan Baldwin, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of SiteZeus, Steven Roberts Founder & President of Restaurant Magic, and Kevin Foreman GM for GeoAnalytics with INRIX, Inc. We’ll be taking a deeper dive into the challenges facing the restaurant industry…

As machine intelligence is well on its way to taking over the work of mundane daily tasks that we dread doing ourselves, whether it be filtering mail for spam in your Gmail account, identifying sales opportunities in Salesforce, searching for gifts on Amazon, your favorite songs on Spotify, or even driving your car.

There is no doubt the majority of our lives and tasks will be 95% automated in the next 15 years by AI. However, there are elements that are still not quantifiable due to lack of measurable data or unpredictability.

One of those key areas that lacks AI matching the level of the consumer world is commercial real estate and how it is selected for a given use and tenant; whether that be for a retailer, healthcare provider, restaurant, bank or even gas station.

In this session we will discuss how new technology and data accessibility is being paired with the “Art” to make smarter, more efficient decisions.

Tyler Carlson

VP of Customer 


Tyler Carlson is a serial entrepreneur who was involved in a company acquisition during college. As a Freshman in college Tyler began selling study guides for his Organic Chemistry and Econ classes. That year he went on to sell more guides than any individual in the country, averaging around $10,000/semester. Eventually he went on to join a website company that would facilitate the sale of those guides, and was involved in that acquisition as well. During his entrepreneurial years he has experienced the hire of over 120 employees. Tyler is also a part owner of a patented trash bag.

He now serves as the head of sales for SiteZeus, a technology company with clients in the Commercial Real Estate Industry as well as some of the world’s largest brands. Tyler is an avid and early adapter of technology. He enjoys playing golf, spontaneous travels, and learning from people stories and experiences. He loves leaving reviewing services and considers himself to be the ultimate secret shopper. His goal is to touch a million lives.

Keenan Baldwin



Keenan Baldwin is a fifth-generation Tampa native. A graduate of The University of South Florida in 2010 where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, Keenan and his brother Hannibal, formed B3 Ventures (formerly Baldwin Beach Capital), which serves as a private equity & venture capital fund for the Baldwin Family Office.

The fund focuses on emerging restaurant & specialty retail opportunities mainly within the Southeast. During the last 36 months, B3 Ventures Fund has led investments totaling $9,600,000 into emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Recent transactions include Yogurtology, Fitlife Foods & SiteZeus.

Steven Roberts

Founder & President 

Restaurant Magic

Founder of Restaurant Magic, Steve Roberts has worked with many well known multi-unit restaurants, and is committed to helping restaurant chains make wise business decisions with the tools and guidance Restaurant Magic provides.

Kevin Foreman

GM for GeoAnalytics 


Kevin leads the INRIX Big Data and GeoAnalytics business, helping businesses make better investment decisions. Previously, he ran the company’s Consumer Mobile App team and its leading INRIX Traffic app which helps consumers save time and frustration by avoiding traffic.

Prior to INRIX, Foreman was CEO of Point Inside, Inc, the leading developer of indoor mapping and navigation mobile applications. Foreman was also the CEO of Bevy, Inc. a leading social shopping Facebook application developer and is today considered an industry expert in helping businesses with their mobile and social media strategies.

Want to meet up?

If you are going to be attending this year’s event and want to meet up in person or see a live demo, reach out to us!

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