Optimize your portfolio

The future of unit growth, sales impact, and strategic relocation

Attendees at this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference had the unique opportunity to hear from our panel of real estate experts from Inspire Brands, Yum! Brands, and Cousins Subs. In an exclusive interview, these leaders discussed how they’re maximizing unit growth by leveraging cutting-edge location intelligence technology.


  • Remaining adaptable as you grow
  • Taking a holistic approach to portfolio development
  • Relying on complete, accurate data for profitable site selection
  • Balancing sales cannibalization with overall market share
  • Strategically relocating or closing stores to increase net revenue

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Hear what these restaurant-industry trailblazers had to say about the foundation of strong growth strategies.

Meet our guests

Hannibal Baldwin

A 2011 graduate of the University of South Florida, Hannibal Baldwin is the cofounder and CEO of SiteZeus. He previously served as the principal and CFO at Baldwin Beach Capital and was inspired to create an A.I.-powered location intelligence platform when growing Yogurtology with his brother, Keenan. Hannibal is an avid learner whose passion for SiteZeus’ customers and employees has led the company to rapidly scale its revenue and product. In 2017, he was named to Tampa Bay Business Journal’s list of “Up-and-Comers Under 30.”

Cofounder and CEO, SiteZeus
Russ Holland

Russ Holland is a driven, dedicated development executive with experience leading a team of seasoned professionals to drive net unit growth. After 12 years on the Waffle House real estate team, Russ joined Inspire Brands, where he prioritizes building meaningful and lasting relationships with the Arby’s and Sonic franchisee communities to deliver a best-in-class site-selection process.

Vice President of Real Estate, Inspire Brands
Joshua Bova

Joshua Bova is an experienced market-planning professional specializing in the operations of quick-service restaurants. At KFC, he oversees the brand’s end-to-end growth strategy, from evaluating market potential and projecting revenues to analyzing customer segments and identifying portfolio-optimization opportunities. A creative thinker, Josh enjoys improving upon conventional techniques and crafting novel solutions to challenging problems.

Franchise Development Manager, KFC
Randy McBrayer

Randy McBrayer is an innovative leader whose natural curiosities have led to creative and empowering solutions. In 2013, he joined Pizza Hut, where his experience in architecture, new-concept development, prototype management, and vendor acquisition has helped him infuse the company’s branding with fresh ideas. Randy’s strategic approach to franchisee management, site selection, and portfolio management keeps Pizza Hut growing quickly.

Senior Franchise Development Manager, Pizza Hut
Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson has been with Cousins Subs for over 15 years and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of business. In 2011, he became the company’s vice president of development and has since spent his time reinventing the brand through a store remodeling program. Joe regularly introduces potential franchise partners to Cousins Subs and works with them through all phases of franchising, including site acquisition, lease negotiations, in-store design, and construction.

Vice President of Development, Cousins Subs

    “You have to look at it from the perspective of being a good steward of the franchisees’ resources and recognizing that this business is their livelihood. It’s our responsibility to make sure we have a very concentrated, data-driven, objective approach.”

    — Russ Holland, Vice President of Real Estate

    “If you’re not using analytics and mobile data to gauge sales impact, you’re already well behind the curve.”

    — Josh Bova, Franchise Development Manager

    “The unknown for us had always been what happens with carryout cannibalization — until we started working with SiteZeus. Now we’re using their tools, doing backtesting, and seeing success.”

    — Randy McBrayer, Senior Franchise Development Manager

    “With changing traffic patterns, it’s no longer about the one-, three-, and five-minute drive times. It’s impactful to look at the mobile data and see where 60 percent of your customers are coming from two hours before and after visiting your store.”

    — Joe Ferguson, Vice President of Development