Tech + Mortar Episode 018, May 16, 2019

Barry Wolfe, Marcus Millichap

Talk Highlights

  • What is going to happen with all the big-box real estate?
  • “Dont care how much I make on a particular deal as long as the client is happy!” Best mindset for success
  • Is the industry ignoring the facts and looking through rose-colored glasses?

Speaker Bio

Barry Wolfe is the Senior Managing Director of Investments at Marcus & Millichap. Prior to joining Marcus & Millichap in 2001, Barry was a practicing attorney for nearly ten years, initially in private practice with a transactional, real estate focus. Subsequently, he served as in-house counsel for a publically traded company where he ran the legal real estate department. Barry's legal background frequently proves invaluable in assisting his clients in navigating through the landmines inherent in real estate transactions.

Barry's success on behalf of his clients has resulted in several awards and recognition both from within Marcus & Millichap as well as within the industry. Some of these industry awards include being a multi-time recipient of CoStar's "Power Broker" award as well as being recognized by "Real Estate Florida Magazine" as being among the top ten investment sales agents within the State of Florida.

Show Notes

  • 1:30 - Being a lawyer to being in real estate field
  • 3:37 - 5-10 deals per year to significantly more
  • 5:05 - First couple hires
  • 6:08 - Difference between average and great
  • 7:09 - “how I built my business ties to people I’ve met at various conferences.”
  • 8:52 - Avenues for success in prospecting
  • 10:27 - Beth Azor is the Godmother of Social Media
  • 11:52 - What can you give to others, not what you can get?
  • 13:29 - Walmart adopting tech that the others didn’t went from 800 lb gorilla to irrelevant
  • 16:18 - Rookies don’t listen to the vets and what do vets need to hush up on?
  • 17:37 - Panera bread 2.0, Chickfila and Walmart acquired
  • 19:50 - What is going to happen with all these big boxes?
  • 21:48 - Can’t make the mistakes you used to get away with before!
  • 24:31 - Not that retail is dead but it is going to die faster
  • 25:39 - CRE behind on technology, catalyst to facilitating adaption
  • 27:36 - Speed of change is accelerating
  • 28:37 - Rapid Fire Questions

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