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Pita Pit looks to SiteZeus for stronger franchising

Ranked #16 Food Franchise in the World by Business Insider and #32 Top American Global Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, Pita Pit knows what it takes to offer an enticing deal to franchisees: fresh food, lots of energy, and plenty of innovation.

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Pokémon and iBeacons: The new, friendly monsters of location intelligence

Whether you’re an eye-roller or an enthusiastic participant, Pokémon Go is a game that’s difficult to ignore. It does have a lot going for it: nostalgic yet advanced, simple but strategic, and although played on phones, the game incorporates the user’s surroundings to an extent we haven’t really seen before. The “Go” sets the game apart from all others that have come before, Pokémon or not: you simply can’t catch Pokémon while sitting still.


Time to ’86’ that dog unit?

Check out our newest resource for restaurateurs: Which site is taking a bite out of your revenues? Remember that special entree that you decided to stop serving last summer? The one that made all of the cooks groan and which all the servers decried because they had to use a tray to carry it out?…


Waba Grill enlists SiteZeus on its mission to make healthy food fresh and reasonably priced

Since its founding in 2006, Waba Grill (“Waba” meaning “come and try” in Korean) has been committed to serving health conscious teriyaki food to its customers. Only six years ago, Waba Grill franchise was made available and now their store count is at 130. As a rapidly growing business, Waba Grill is utilizing the location intelligence power of SiteZeus for a clear, confident expansion.


Retail Live! Austin & ICSC Orlando

Retail Live! is similar to many regional networking events; there is an exhibit part of the program as well as a reception. The key difference is that ONLY retailers are allowed to have an exhibit at the Retail Live! trade show other than a few VIP sponsors.

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Why your fast casual brand can’t ignore artificial intelligence

In a world stunted by a powerful recession, thousands of businesses closed their doors while a small, Boston-based burrito chain was getting ready to take their brand to the national level. Despite the failing economy, Boloco was thriving in its existing locations.


Multi-brand restaurant operator CraftWorks teams up with SiteZeus

Operating a total of 195 restaurants is no small feat- take it from the folks at CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.. The nation’s leading operator and franchisor of brewery and craft beer-focused casual dining restaurants has brands and locations throughout the entire nation from densely populated city centers to rural Texas.


6 critical questions to consider when selecting a new site

You have unlimited possibilities and information to consider and you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache (let’s not even talk about the money) if you start out with the right tools and asking the right questions! Here are some of our favorites, drawn from decades of experience…

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The robot army every restaurant should enlist

The experimentally determined angle at which you flick your wrist to achieve the perfect toss of the contents in the pan. That slight brownish color that indicates a delightful crisp. The unmistakable shine of freshly polished silver. What does a robot know about any of these nuances in the art of food service? Probably very little. The magic of the restaurant industry lies in the irreplaceable human aspects of creation and service. So how do robots fit in in an industry so human?


Berengaria adds SiteZeus platform to their real-estate advisory services

Real estate hero Berengaria is here to save your business from its next location blunder- and now with the help of SiteZeus, they’ll be able to provide their clients the sharpest demographics and site recommendations.

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SiteZeus secures $1.5M in additional funding led by technology veteran

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 3, 2016 — SiteZeus, the leader in location intelligence technology for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers, today announced it has secured $1.5 million in additional funding led by Chuck Cooper, whom formerly led Paylocity as CIO to its IPO debut in 2014.

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The rise of location intelligence

You’ve heard it before. You know it by heart. Location, location location: this triplicate is informally known as the golden rule of property-owning. Where a building stands absolutely defines the success of its endeavors within. The mantra, though simplistic, is tried and true.