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Resource – The ABC’s of A.I.: How A.I. is transforming commercial real estate, restaurants and retail

Sci-fi depictions of artificial intelligence in Hollywood are everywhere, from the futuristic fantasies of 2001’s A.I., about a child-robot, and 2014’s Ex-Machina, about a humanoid A.I-enabled robot, to the classic A.I.-is-evil flick, 1984’s Terminator. With these sometimes frightening visions of autonomous machines taking over the world, it’s no wonder that many people find the [...]

Resource – What’s missing from your real estate site pack?

Help your organization make informed location-based decisions with highly specialized data and insight. In today’s competitive retail landscape, companies are using the latest data and analytics tools for nearly every aspect of their business, from sales and marketing to operations and supply chain. At the same time, choosing the right location has become a more essential decision [...]

Resource – The reverse engineering revolution in site selection

How to select better sites with data. Can you name the nine U.S. cities with the highest quality of life? If you’re like most people, that's a tough question to answer quickly. Sure, you can guess, but you’re working with what limited information you have at first recall. Now, how would you feel if we asked you to compete against someone in that memory recall game if they had [...]

Resource – Insource or outsource, is there a better option?

In many ways, technology has leveled the playing field between companies and their consultants, and has blurred the lines between insourcing and outsourcing. If a company uses in-house software created by a third party, is that outsourcing? And if a consulting firm builds and maintains a proprietary system for a company, is that still insourcing? And which route offers the best [...]

Resource – Emerging brands breakout: Learn how technology has opened up the playing field

While technology seems to shrink objects over time, it super-sizes their performance. Once room-sized, computers have now folded up into our briefcases. Telephones have dwindled into tiny pocket-sized mirrors. And business intelligence analytics? Analytics have been shrunk, packaged, and made affordable to even the most spendthrift sole-proprietors…

Resource – The ultimate guide to Big Data

How to make cents of it all. We’ve all freely tossed around the term, “data is king,” but do we truly understand it? For many, there’s a gaping gulf between using the term and utilizing it to turn a profit. Profit is, after all, the primary objective of collecting and using data. Data is the foundation to insight, and insights give us mastery over the world around us. This is true [...]

Resource – Are you good to grow?

Are site expansion targets an illusion? It’s hard to say precisely how many multi-unit retailers fall behind on their 10, 20, 50, or 100-unit growth targets each year, but it’s probably fair to say that it’s quite a lot. All savvy business owners set a high bar for themselves and yet no matter how diligently they run the numbers, development always seems to lag 25-50% behind of [...]

Resource – The evolution of site selection

The 21st century is upon us, and it’s here sooner the you imagined: Real estate site selection just took a huge leap into the future, and you might have missed it: Artificial intelligence is taking over the industry. Up until now, the commercial real estate industry hasn’t adopted new technology as well as others have. Even stodgy insurance companies now use big-data modeling [...]