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SiteZeus wants To make location search faster, cheaper and easier

Real estate is a laggard when it comes to adapting to change, says SiteZeus EVP of product development Chuck Cooper. He arrived at this conclusion after more than 30 years of developing software for real estate and other industries. Now, his Tampa, FL-based company, founded by brothers Hannibal and Keenan Baldwin in 2014, wants to help industry players find ideal locations to choose from by crunching large amounts of statistical data.


The evolution of site selection

The 21st century is upon us, and it’s here sooner the you imagined: Real estate site selection just took a huge leap into the future, and you might have missed it: Artificial intelligence is taking over the industry. Up until now, the commercial real estate industry hasn’t adopted new technology as well as others have. Even stodgy insurance companies now use big-data modeling to calculate “insurance credit scores” on hundreds of millions of customers. And even the notoriously backward-looking legal industry has hired IBM’s Watson, a deep thinking supercomputer, on as a paralegal. But commercial real estate?…


INRIX webinar: Is mobile and GPS data a part of your fundamental decision making process?

Check out our first edition of "Does data have a seat at your table?" If Mobile and GPS data are not a part of your fundamental decision making process, they should be. Watch this webinar to learn about our newest data partner, INRIX, a proven leader within the transportation data segment.


Going to this year’s Restaurant Finance & Development Conference? Let’s connect!

Join us this year as we kick off the 2016 Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. Hannibal Baldwin, our Co-CEO & Co-Founder will be opening up the conference November 14th to introduce our newest data partner UberMedia.

Press Release

SiteZeus named 2016 startup of the year

Tampa, FL —October 4, 2016— SiteZeus, is honored to be recognized by the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business as the 2016 Startup of the Year. The organization’s annual recognition program was launched to reward companies with vision, creativity and persistence – the hallmarks of the world’s greatest companies!

Press Release

SiteZeus taps INRIX traffic data for retail site selection

Tampa, FL —October 4, 2016— SiteZeus®, the leader in location intelligence technology for emerging and established brands, brokers and developers, today announced a location data collaboration with INRIX, the global leader in transportation analytics and connected car services, to bring roadway traffic information to retail site selection and real estate.