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Why is it that the commercial real estate industry is slow to adapt to new technologies?

Undeniable – the commercial real estate industry is painfully slow to adapt to new technology! I have witnessed hundreds of companies refer to an excel document as a sophisticated piece of “technology.” The major drivers for this lag in innovation revolve around an outdated rationale and a general lack of forward thinking. The idea that value can only be extracted from hard assets or tangible assets is being challenged now more than ever.


Billy Sims Barbecue teams up with SiteZeus for a site selection touchdown

Billy Sims, the 1978 Heisman Trophy winner and a former running back for the Detroit Lions, came in hot to the fast casual dining scene in 2004 when he and his partner Jeff Jackson opened up their first franchise in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After successfully building and managing six restaurants, the pair opened up their business to franchisees. They have since mastered their franchise system and expanded to include over 40 locations throughout the midwest.


Restaurant Finance & Development Conference recap

It was another great show in Vegas, and a must attend event for restaurant company owners and executives.

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SiteZeus Partners with TA and Petro Stopping Centers to accelerate growth trajectory

TAMPA, Fla., November 21, 2016— SiteZeus has partnered with TA and Petro Stopping Centers, the largest full-service travel center company in the United States, to provide them with the most intelligent solutions the big-data industry has to offer for real-estate expansions, informed by the most accurate and insightful data sets around.

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SiteZeus reinvents data visualization

SiteZeus is excited to introduce the Synergy Grid, among other new features this month, including new Heat Maps, Lasso locations and INRIX Traffic Volumes.

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These smart retail robots are kicking ass and taking names

In case you haven’t noticed, big-data is now quite literally driving industry and causing major disruptions along the way. Uber has all but obviated the taxi industry, and Air Bnb is Uber’s hotel counterpart; both companies rely on highly automated, data-driven platforms that are shifting economy and infrastructure in major ways. And while these integrations have not been totally seamless, it’s clear that the world is ready for some fresh takes on antiquated industries.


The Kebab Shop spreads European style in America with a SiteZeus partnership

This California brand is hoping to popularize kebab shops- Europe’s tastiest (and most ubiquitous) street food- in America. Small kebab shops started popping up in Europe as a result of Turkish immigration, and the dish caught on like wildfire. The Kebab Shop is bringing this simplistic but stellar model to the states, and the fire is catching.