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The ultimate guide to Big Data

How to make cents of it all. We’ve all freely tossed around the term, “data is king,” but do we truly understand it? For many, there’s a gaping gulf between using the term and utilizing it to turn a profit. Profit is, after all, the primary objective of collecting and using data. Data is the foundation to insight, and insights give us mastery over the world around us. This is true for everyone from the amateur weather hobbyist up to the highest levels of government, and it is especially so in the world of business.

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The top 5 commercial real estate mistakes with demographics

As a real estate broker, knowing when to use data is tough. How much should you rely on what the demographics tell you? Or how much weight should you place on the painfully obvious vagrancy problem when you drive through the trade area?

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SiteZeus to add new verticals, expand R&D with raise

SiteZeus, a Tampa, Florida-based technology startup is looking to expand R&D and add new vertical expertise with funds it raised this summer, said Keenan Baldwin, co-CEO.


Are you good to grow?

Are site expansion targets an illusion? It’s hard to say precisely how many multi-unit retailers fall behind on their 10, 20, 50, or 100-unit growth targets each year, but it’s probably fair to say that it’s quite a lot. All savvy business owners set a high bar for themselves and yet no matter how diligently they run the numbers, development always seems to lag 25-50% behind of what’s expected. Why is this?