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UberMedia Webinar: How do people move in your trade area?

Check out our second series of “Does data have a seat at your table?” – the UberMedia edition. Get ready to see Pulse, UberMedia’s mobile density data, live in our real-time artificial intelligence platform, SiteZeus Synergy. We’ll uncover why some of the savviest brands are paying attention to this data set.


SiteZeus plays Poseidon in SafeSplash Swim School partnership

SafeSplash Swim School, the largest and fastest growing swim school brand in North America, is now teaming up with SiteZeus to bring more lessons to more locations, empowering Americans with its exceptional swim instruction and customer service.


Emerging brands breakout: Learn how technology has opened up the playing field

While technology seems to shrink objects over time, it super-sizes their performance. Once room-sized, computers have now folded up into our briefcases. Telephones have dwindled into tiny pocket-sized mirrors. And business intelligence analytics? Analytics have been shrunk, packaged, and made affordable to even the most spendthrift sole-proprietors…


Fast-food flocks to SiteZeus— Burger King franchisee giant TOMS King the latest to sign on

TOMS King, a massive Burger King franchisee with over 100 restaurants across 5 states, has officially joined on with SiteZeus. The partnership is the latest in a growing trend of large fast-food companies taking advantage of artificial intelligence for location and data-based decisions.

Press Release

SiteZeus® injects UberMedia’s Pulse technology into their supercharged data stack

TAMPA, Fla., Jan 18, 2017 — In an unparalleled global data partnership, location intelligence leader SiteZeus will now offer clients premium access to UberMedia’s granular, cutting-edge population movement analytics. The integration brings a new level of predicting power to the comprehensive SiteZeus platform and pushes their strongest conviction to the core— making big data a commodity.


Fresh and franchise-savvy Costa Vida does site selection the smart way

Inspired by the coastal Mexican lifestyle to bring authentic, energetic and passionately prepared dishes to their own neck of the woods, the Gardner’s have made a splash with Costa Vida. With handmade tortillas, slow-cooked meat and all-natural ingredients, it’s no surprise that over 75 locations have opened across the country since 2003.