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RECon’s right around the corner

RECon is the premier gathering place for retail real estate professionals to conduct a year’s worth of business in just three days! Stop by Booth N1448 for a brief demo to learn more about our services. Want to schedule a private meeting in Vegas? Start by filling out this form below.

Press Release

Black Box Intelligence and SiteZeus Partner to deliver unparalleled data modules for restaurant developers

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) APRIL 25, 2017- Black Box Intelligence, a TDn2K company, has partnered with leading SaaS location intelligence technology platform SiteZeus®. Black Box Intelligence average unit volume data will integrate and enhance the SiteZeus platform, making it easier than ever for brands, brokers and developers to screen markets based on actual restaurant revenue performance.


Man vs. Machine @RLC2017

Did you miss “Man vs. Machine” at this year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference? In case you did, we’ve put this video recap together, filled with golden nuggets from the industry’s best. That includes leaders from INRIX, Restaurant Magic, Epson, and SiteZeus.

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These 12 A.I. companies are transforming retail & e-commerce

Retail e-commerce is one of the biggest revenue making sectors of the enterprise and if you don’t know that already take a quick look at Alibaba and Amazon. Online shopping is yet another sector that is slowly and surely being transformed by AI and scientific breakthroughs have opened the doors for vast amounts of data to be leveraged in the retail market. This big data makes it possible to have AI powered interactions with customers that involve product recommendation, customized searches and even personal assistance.

General Retailers

Data science fever sweeps the retail and restaurant industries

Called the “Sexiest job of the year” by the Harvard Business Review and listed as the number-one best job in America on Glassdoor’s most desirable jobs list for 2016, data scientists are here and in high demand. The postings for such job positions on hiring sites like LinkedIn read like a who’s-who of CPG and QSR: Starbucks, Arby’s, General Mills, Miller Coors, Kohl’s, Macys, and the list goes on.