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Southwest Deli Group chooses SiteZeus

Southwest Deli Group, which also operates under the name McAlister’s Deli, is on the rise in the quick service restaurant scene. Now serving up tasty sandwiches, salads and spuds in over 400 locations in 28 states, Southwest Deli Group prides itself on its friendly and reliable service which they call genuine hospitality.

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What’s more important for franchise growth: the market or the location?

When developing a strategy for developing a franchise system, franchisors often follow different paths. In some case’s the path a franchisor selects will depend upon a number of factors, the type of franchise, its size, required investment and system maturity. Based upon these attributes franchisors will usually migrate to one of the following approaches:

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The impact of A.I. on the franchise world

Artificial intelligence or “A.I.” is coming, but it isn’t quite what you think it is. While the Hollywood-driven narrative about machine overlords or scheming supercomputers is entertaining, and might convince you that it’s time to start stocking the basement with bottled water and weapons, the reality will be much more incremental and less dramatic.

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Only data-savvy retailers will survive in tomorrow’s market

Today’s big data-driven marketplace only has room for the fittest. It sounds a little scary— I know. And for a long time, mastering the art of accurate and effective number-crunching was no small feat. Over the last decade, machine learning has grown and matured from a flashy high-tech tool to a business essential. But too many retailers still fail to acknowledge the incredibly positive impact artificial intelligence (AI) and big data can have on their businesses and are suffering as a result of their sluggishness.

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Subway® partners with SiteZeus on development strategy

TAMPA, FL — July 20, 2017 - The Subway® restaurant chain has partnered with Florida-based location intelligence leader SiteZeus® to augment its development strategy by adding data driven location intelligence with advanced geospatial technology and visualization. Combined with its own market data, Subway® is confident it will now have more thorough and accurate insights and suggestions for growth in every market.