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How to leverage Location Characteristics and Competitor Sales Comps in your predictive model

Enjoy this webinar, as Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, takes you through these valuable features. We'll demo them and address their benefits, in a world where every data point matters.


Frutta Bowls chooses SiteZeus for major upcoming expansion

Frutta Bowls is serving more than just healthy and tasty food— with some savvy branding and heavily automated operations processes, the brand new franchise has grown with gusto since opening its first location in May 2016. There are now over 70 locations set to open in 2017.


Morrow Hill commercial real estate company adds SiteZeus to its platform

Morrow Hill, a Dallas-based privately owned mid-size commercial real estate company, works to provide site selection guidance for industrial and retail clients site nationwide. Exclusively representing tenants, Morrow Hill offers unbiased advice for business looking to move into new office, retail, industrial and flex space.


Burtons Grill & Bar cooks up new locations with SiteZeus

Burtons Grill & Bar has grown to operate over a dozen locations throughout the east coast since it opened its doors in 2005, stretching all the way from New Hampshire to South Carolina. With a legendary scratch kitchen and a straightforward mission to “Delight every Guest”, Burtons serves killer high quality food to its many loyal customers.

Press Release

Major Burger King franchisee Dhanani Group partners with SiteZeus

The Dhanani Group is teaming up with SiteZeus®, the leading location intelligence platform for restaurants and retailers. The strategic move will elevate the franchise conglomerate to new levels with big data analysis and machine learning.


Add transparency to your predictive modeling process

Enjoy as Keenan Baldwin, Co-CEO, takes you through the newest methods of building predictive intelligence with the aid of AI and Machine Learning, all while keeping transparency at the core of every decision.


Ono Hawaiian BBQ says Aloha to SiteZeus

A cultural and ethnic melting pot, Hawaii is known for its fresh food and delicious recipes. Ono Hawaiian BBQspecializes in bringing Hawaiian spirit to the mainland with its unique dishes and inviting atmosphere.