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Are you going to the ICSC RECon?

RECon is the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20-23, 2018. We’ll be showcasing our location intelligence tool, live. Stop by Booth N1450 for a live demo → or for a private demo, schedule an appointment with one of our team-members below:

Press Release

Pronto Insurance launches strategic national expansion backed by data pioneer

TAMPA, Fla., Mar. 26, 2018—Pronto Insurance, a leading Texas-based insurance franchise, is embarking on a major expansion into California and Florida with the help of location-intelligence platform SiteZeus®. Through this strategic partnership, Pronto Insurance is identifying profitable locations in new markets with confidence and clarity.


Sandbox Webinar: Prioritize which stores to remodel, relocate, or close

Are you trying to prioritize a remodel, relocation, or closure? Tune in as Keenan Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder, introduces the Sandbox. We’ll cover use cases for this brand new feature to help you and your brand optimize your portfolio with confidence.


Is predictive modeling for you?

A guide for organizations at every stage: Predictive modeling to help organizations evaluate and select the right sites is poised to transform location-based decision-making. But are the latest in predictive intelligence tools right for you, right now?

Site Selection

What’s ahead for location intelligence tools in 2018?

Site selection technology is continuing to evolve rapidly and drive transformative change to “old school” site selection practices and methods. SiteZeus is on the cutting edge of that transformation with its location intelligence platform that is powered by the latest in AI and machine learning predictive analytics. Co-founder Keenan Baldwin recently shared his insights on what’s ahead for location intelligence.


Broadway Restaurant Group and SiteZeus are partnering to make this fast food franchise "King"

It’s an ongoing debate between burger aficionados – flame broiled or grilled on a flat-top. Some swear by the traditional hot metal surface, while others will only savor the flavor created by fire. Burger King has long been an advocate of the former, a position that has helped the company stand out among the competition. For Partner and Franchisee Broadway Restaurant Group, there’s a de-sire to beat the competition, delight each guest, invest in people, and dream big.


Rush Bowls is bringing health and nutrition back to breakfast with SiteZeus’ help

Rush Bowls is unique eats. Crafted from the freshest fruit, decadent yet wholesome ingredients, and offering up to 40 grams of protein, these morning pick-me-ups offering high nutrition along with up to five servings of fruits and vegetables. Launched in Boulder, Colorado in 2004, Rush Bowl is looking to expand its mission of bringing healthy options to the masses while maintaining a high level of quality and value.


After seven decades of service, Crew Carwash is teaming with SiteZeus for more automotive outlet options

Back in 1948, it was only one of 18 such businesses in the entire United States. Founder Joe Bahm opened the original Mike’s Minit Man, and with it, Indiana’s first automated car wash. Now, 70 years later, the renamed Crew Carwash is dominating the area with attention to service and commitment to their customers. With 30 outlets, including several providing self-serve wash bays, this is a company that cares about your satisfaction, while applying the principles of safety, integrity, fun, team-work, and accountability to each and every interaction with the public.