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Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Don Fertman, Subway®

Welcome to the first podcast episode of Tech + Mortar, hosted by Tyler Carlson, VP of Sales at SiteZeus. This episode features Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer at Subway®. We talk about his early years at Subway and some of his personal experiences which lead to his success, touching on the evolution of site selection.

Data Partners

INRIX site selection: Taking the risk out of retail real estate decisions

Forward thinking retailers are increasingly embracing Big Data in their business decisions when choosing new store locations. Using INRIX Big Data, site selection companies help retailers pinpoint their target demographics and see where shoppers are coming from and analyze the potential profitability of millions of retail locations.

General Retailers

Supermarkets are sweetening shopping trips with more dine-in options

An increase in the desire for fresh foodservice and dining spaces in supermarkets is consistent with the long-held idea that millennials, the category of people ages 22 to 35, are looking for experiences, not just convenience when it comes to retail and shopping.