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Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Adam Saxton, The Saxton Group

On this episode of Tech + Mortar, Adam Saxton of The Saxton Group tells the importance of taking up the “good neighbor” role when entering a new community. He also describes how his process of opening new locations has transitioned from a site attribute focus to a trade area focus.


The ABC’s of A.I.: How A.I. is transforming commercial real estate, restaurants and retail

Sci-fi depictions of artificial intelligence in Hollywood are everywhere, from the futuristic fantasies of 2001’s A.I., about a child-robot, and 2014’s Ex-Machina, about a humanoid A.I-enabled robot, to the classic A.I.-is-evil flick, 1984’s Terminator. With these sometimes frightening visions of autonomous machines taking over the world, it’s no wonder that many people find the whole notion of A.I. confusing at best and anxiety-provoking at worst.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Chris Ressa, DLC Management Corp

On this episode of Tech + Mortar, Chris Ressa of DLC Management Corp. gives insightful tips and strategies for building a strong network. Chris also dives into his experience finding a career that aligned with his passion for commercial real estate.


Johnny Brusco’s Pizza keeps expanding with help from SiteZeus

When Johnny Brusco’s Pizza began to franchise in 1994, they realized their decades-old dream of bringing their authentic New York Style Pizza to as many communities as possible. Now, thanks to a new partnership with SiteZeus, they’re better positioned than ever to continue to expand to new markets and optimize their current locations.


Join us at the Upcoming Restaurant Finance & Development Conference

The Restaurant Finance & Development Conference is all about the business side of the restaurant industry. RFDC is a must attend event for restaurant company owners and executives. The conference is known as the restaurant “dealmakers” event where you will find the best networking in the restaurant business.