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Chains learn harsh lessons in NYC: technology is key to survival

New York City has long been the epicenter for retail and restaurant chains. Not only is it home to a huge consumer market, but it also has that “it factor” that attracts everything from flagship stores to pop-ups. Yet – for the first time in more than a decade – chains are closing more stores in New York City than they’re opening.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Chris Dull, Global Franchise Group

On this episode of Tech+ Mortar, Chris Dull of Global Franchise Group discusses the importance of understanding how policy and procedures that are put in place from the office are executable in the field. He also describes the lessons he’s learned over time and what he would do differently.


Are you going to the International Franchise Association Conference in Las Vegas? Stop by booth 359

For a limited time, SiteZeus is offering new Savvy subscribers a free value-pack to kickstart their models. Savvy is a new SiteZeus platform designed for emerging brands, brokers and developers. Models will come injected with three free UberMedia geofenced locations as well as Spatial.ai’s GeoSocial behavioral data, at half the cost.


Upcoming webinar: Get surgical with site selection, get Savvy

Join us February 19, at 2 P.M. ET as Keenan Baldwin and Daniel Black, of SiteZeus, showcase our new cloud-based platform SiteZeus Savvy. If you’re an emerging brand, broker, developer, or municipality you won’t want to miss this!

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2018 Snapshot: New features. New datasets. New platform.

Dive into this recap and explore major product updates, helpful resources, short webinars, and articles designed to deliver insight and action for your locations.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Jayson Siano, Sabre Real Estate

On this episode of Tech + Mortar, Jayson Siano of Sabre Real Estate discusses how he quickly grew from being the youngest broker in the company to top producer. Jayson also dives into the Real Sabre vlog and what is to come in the next season of the show.


Learn how to leverage GeoSocial data for quick customer insight

Enjoy the 6th edition of “Does data have a seat at your table?” focused on the addition of Spatial.ai, which tracks 8 billion conversations and has close to 100 social segments available in SiteZeus. Learn how GeoSocial data differs from Psychographics, and enjoy a live demo showcasing how easy it is to find your customers and understand their behavior.


Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council leverages SiteZeus to help fuel economic growth

The city of Clarksville in Montgomery County, Tennessee is home to a number of thriving businesses; in fact, they consider the businesses who make the area home to be the backbone of their community. The Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council’s mission is to continue to strengthen the community by recruiting new business to the area… and they’re doing it with help from SiteZeus.

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SiteZeus reveals new location intelligence platform for emerging brands and brokers: "Savvy"

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 3, 2019— is pleased to announce the release of its latest platform, Savvy. This artificial intelligence-powered GIS solution gives brands and brokers access to comprehensive location data as a scalable first step to sophisticated location strategy.


Q&A: Introducing GeoSocial data with Spatial.ai

We’re hosting a webinar January 8th, at 2 P.M. ET. Keenan Baldwin, SiteZeus Co-Founder, and Lyden Foust, Spatial.ai Founder, will be showcasing GeoSocial data, live in SiteZeus. Register Now.

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How technology is changing brick and mortar retailing

The rise of the internet and the emergence of internet-based retail giants like Amazon have flipped the world of retail start-ups on its head. In the old world of brick-and-mortar retail, start-ups were launched according to a tried-and-true formula. New concepts were tested in high-traffic, historically proven retail markets. After the initial success of one or more test stores, a larger rollout in the test market followed. Once a brand saw continued sales success, they would expand to other markets and different regions, culminating in a national rollout.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Ryan Rao, Apex Franchise Development Group

On this episode of Tech + Mortar, Ryan Rao of Apex Franchise Development Group describes his growth in the industry. He also discusses key lessons he has learned in his time with franchising and real estate.