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Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Tyler Carlson, SiteZeus

On this episode of Tech and Mortar, the interviewer becomes the interviewee. Jorge Hermez of SiteZeus sits down with Tyler Carlson to reflect of the first 20 episodes of the podcast. Tyler explains what he has learned from guest’s stories of bringing technology into retail and real estate and the future of the industries.


Prescriptive-Led Growth: The new A.I.-powered methodology transforming spatial success

As brick and mortar brands face a future of unprecedented competition, changing consumer behavior and cost pressures, they find themselves at a crossroads: Will they choose the right path to retail success, or fall behind on the journey?


Subway’s site review administrator, Susan Bowen

It’s been nearly two years since Subway partnered with SiteZeus to begin their journey toward a Prescriptive-Led Growth market optimization strategy. We recently caught up with Susan Bowen, Subway’s Site Review Administrator, to discuss how SiteZeus is improving their operational performance and location-based decisions for the world’s largest restaurant company by unit count.


Primanti Bros. restaurant partners with SiteZeus, embraces Prescriptive-Led Growth solutions

Pittsburg-based sandwich restaurant chain Primanti Bros. has just become the most recent brand to adapt prescriptive-led growth as their go-to-market strategy to help them reach their business goals.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Bobby Shaw, Bobby Shaw Consulting

On episode 20 of Tech and Mortar, Bobby Shaw describes his time a McDonald’s and Chipotle. He dives into the importance of creating a positive culture for your business and why you should define the difference between good and great performance.

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Thank you for stopping by at ICSC RECon 2019

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Aroma Joe’s development manager, Bob Myott

Aroma Joe’s has been working with SiteZeus and using Prescriptive-Led Growth as their go-to-market strategy for nearly two years. Bob Myott, development manager for this Maine-based coffee-and-breakfast brand, recently spoke to us about their success with SiteZeus, and how Prescriptive-Led Growth is helping Aroma Joe’s maximize their growth.