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Quality Dining’s director of development, Jennifer Tyler

Quality Dining, the restaurant group that operates more than 225 restaurants, including multiple Burger King and Chili’s franchises, has made their partnership with SiteZeus and Prescriptive-Led Growth a keystone of their site optimization strategy. Jennifer Tyler, the brand’s Director of Development, recently spent some time discussing Quality Dining’s experiences using SiteZeus and the benefits of Prescriptive-Led Growth.


How to identify customers in seconds with Mobile + Geosocial data

See what happens when two very powerful data sets are consumed inside an A.I.-powered platform. SiteZeus, UberMedia, and Spatial.ai will be presenting the newest method in creating customer segments with mobile geofencing data and 8 billion+ organic social conversations. A redesigned experience, carefully crafted to deliver value to real estate and marketing teams across the nation.

New Features

Q2 Recap: Discover customers and market potential like never before

Dive into this recap and explore major product updates, helpful resources, short webinars, and articles designed to deliver insight and action for your locations.


TravelCenters of America’s VP of operations and franchise services, Bruce Lane

Travel Centers of America has been working with SiteZeus and accelerating their growth with a Prescriptive-Led Growth site optimization strategy for nearly three years. We recently had the chance to speak with Bruce Lane, the company’s Vice President of Operations and Franchise Services, to learn his thoughts on SiteZeus and how Prescription-Led Growth is making a difference to the largest full-service travel center company in the United States.

Location Intelligence

Retail brands look beyond A.I. to solve for locations

“Artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees…There is no way to beat the machines, so you’d better bone up on what makes them tick.” Mark Cuban, American businessman, and investor.


California Tortilla’s VP of franchise development, Jim Tisack

Nearly a year into their partnership with SiteZeus, California Tortilla is reaping the benefits of a Prescriptive-Led Growth site optimization strategy. The brand’s vice president of franchise development, Jim Tisack recently shared his thoughts about the California-based fast-casual chain’s experience with SiteZeus and Prescriptive-Led Growth.