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COVID-19 survival guide for restaurants

COVID-19 has taught us that change is inevitable, and it waits for no one. No business model or sales prediction will remain relevant forever. As markets shift, successful brands must follow suit. Simply stated, financial resilience requires us all to evolve constantly.

Podcast | Tech + Mortar

Jim Mizes, Blaze & SiteZeus

In the first episode in the COVID-19 series, Jim Mizes discusses new strategies restaurants have implemented and how brands can prepare for the new normal that waits on the other side.

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Adapting to the new restaurant “norm”

COVID-19 has turned once thriving cities into temporary ghost towns, forcing the permanent closure of over 3% of all restaurants nationwide. When in-store traffic evaporated between February and March, many could not sustain the financial blow. In an unstoppable ripple effect, mass layoffs quickly ensued, and restauranteurs scrambled to implement safe takeout and delivery options to stay afloat.


Restaurant business amidst COVID-19

At SiteZeus, we have closely monitored the effects of COVID-19 on the state of the restaurant world. From client interviews to detailed market analyses, our team is working diligently to anticipate, and prepare for, a new norm in the industry.