Azzip Pizza finds their customers with SiteZeus

Azzip Pizza, the Evansville, Indiana-based pizza chain, is all about providing the best possible experience to their customers, with tasty, built-to-order personal pizzas in fun, friendly stores. When the brand decided they needed a more scientific way to find the best locations for their customers, they turned to SiteZeus’ location intelligence platform.

Azzip Pizza has never been about doing things “the old way.” The brand started as an award-winning business plan by founder and co-CEO Brad Niemeier in 2012 when he won the BurtonD Morgan Business Plan Competition at Purdue University. Since then, they’ve grown to nearly 10 locations in Indiana and Kentucky. Now, as the brand continues to expand, they’re focused on using the most advanced methods to identify new potential sites.

With solutions powered by Mobile Location Data and GeoSocial Segmentation Data, SiteZeus gives Azzip Pizza the power to find and understand their customers with timely accuracy. By leveraging Mobile Location Data, Azzip Pizza can visualize their customers’ path to purchase. And with Geosocial Data, the brand can harness the power of billions of geotagged social media conversations to get an in-depth understanding of their customers’ behavior.

Thanks to SiteZeus’ A.I. powered predictive models, Azzip Pizza is now better positioned to bring their delicious pizza creations to the right customers in precisely the right locations.

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