Earl of Sandwich® chooses SiteZeus to help grow sandwich-inventing legacy

In 1762, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented the sandwich. Today, the brand founded by his descendants, Earl of Sandwich®, is partnering with SiteZeus to bring their legacy of fresh and innovative dining to more locations than ever before.

The globally-recognized brand, which currently operates more than 30 locations in the US and abroad, is known for its upscale ingredients and made-to-order, freshly baked bread. As a company with a strong passion for originality and invention, it’s natural that Earl of Sandwich® would turn to SiteZeus, another industry innovator, to help grow their business.

With SiteZeus’ AI-powered location intelligence platform, Earl of Sandwich® can leverage the power of real-time data insights across multiple metrics to help plan for future franchise success. With SiteZeus in their corner, Earl of Sandwich® is well-positioned to continue to bring the “World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich®” to an increasing number of markets around the world.

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