Fast-food flocks to SiteZeus— Burger King franchisee giant TOMS King the latest to sign on

TOMS King, a massive Burger King franchisee with over 100 restaurants across 5 states, has officially joined on with SiteZeus. The partnership is the latest in a growing trend of large fast-food companies taking advantage of artificial intelligence for location and data-based decisions.

Owned by TOMS Capital hedge fund, TOMS King is one of the top 10 largest Burger King franchisees, with a high-quality reputation and a top-notch performance history. They employ over 3000 people, and in 2012 became one of the largest and fastest growing franchisees in Illinois.

SiteZeus, having demonstrated its versatility with high-profile clients in a vast range of industries, continues to draw in large franchisees who seek the unparalleled confidence and analyses that only machine intelligence can provide. Demographic, population, traffic and cellphone data combines with client data in the SiteZeus platform to synthesize tailored and elegantly displayed suggestions for all types of location-based decisions.

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