Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is making social dining the next big thing

Japanese BBQ is about more than just the meal— it’s a social dining experience and the concept is sizzling into the United States. Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ chain featuring personal grills at every table that guests use to cook and share their food has over 700 global locations. Now partnering with SiteZeus, this Asian cuisine power brand will leverage the most advanced and individualized location intelligence available for the retail industry as it widens its reach in the United States.

Part of what makes Gyu-Kaku so appealing is its emphasis on atmosphere, sharing and conversation. As guests cook their meals together on the grill, they sip on Sake, Shochu and ice-cold beers. Along with its phenomenal food, Gyu-Kaku is in the business of making memories. SiteZeus’ living and breathing predictive modeling tools will make it simpler than ever for Gyu-Kaku to spread the joy of social dining to more people.

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