Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria partners with SiteZeus to aid multi-unit expansion across U.S.

Chicago-based pizza company leverages A.I. for data-driven real estate planning

SiteZeus is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Founder Lou Malnati started the Chicago-based pizza company 50 years ago based on the recipe his father helped create at Chicago’s first deep-dish pizzeria in 1943. Currently, the pizzeria has 57 locations in Illinois and 10 more in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The real estate team at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria will leverage SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered platform to identify new markets and sites with high revenue potential.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is choosing to work with SiteZeus for its unique, powerful, and proprietary machine learning (ML) technology. ML will help the company identify, at a behavioral level, what types of customers drive revenue at it’s existing pizzeria sites. It’s a competitive advantage for a brand like Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria which has a loyal, niche customer group to identify it’s customers at this level of granularity.

The platform will map out pockets of lookalike customers across the nation in just minutes. The resulting data is not only insightful, but highly actionable. It will allow the Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria’s real estate team to focus on high-performing trade areas quickly.

Our partnership with SiteZeus will help us serve the best pizza in the world to a lot more people; SiteZeus’ platform will fuel our growth by helping us scout sites, identify markets, and learn about the communities we aim to serve.”

Sasha Milosavljevich, Chief Real Estate Officer, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is also excited about SiteZeus’ A.I.-powered platform that leverages mobile data to enhance market planning models. The platform will help Lou Malnati’s leverage mobile data to visualize its customers’ path to purchase. This partnership will enable the company to determine ideal locations for new locations, while avoiding sales cannibalization in existing markets.

“What we can learn about trade areas with SiteZeus is really enticing,” says Milosavljevich, “Using mobile data within the platform, we can see where and by how much prospective sites will cannibalize our existing sites. Being able to measure sales cannibalization and impact allows our team to be more strategic and intentional about our market planning.”

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is such a great concept; They’ve got terrific deep-dish pizza, smart leadership, and a very data-driven real estate team. We built our modern location intelligence platform for every brand like that who wants to scale. It’s really exciting to support and help scale a brand like Lou Malnati’s.”

Hannibal Baldwin, CEO, SiteZeus

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