Magnolia Bakery Is collaborating with SiteZeus to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings

It’s the guilty little pleasure we can’t deny indulging in. From a cupcake piled high with buttery frosting to warm macaroon, coated in warm chocolate , sugar sure has charms to soothe any sweet tooth. Since 1996, dessert lovers throughout New York City’s West Village have been stopping off at Magnolia Bakeryto feed their need for pastries, cakes, cookies and everything in-between. With stores stretching from Los Angeles, to Chicago, Mexico City, Seoul, and Dubai, to Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait City, they are making old fashioned baked goods an international sensation.

Now that Magnolia is looking to further its brand’s reach, they are partnering up with SiteZeus for confident calculated growth. Utilizing our specialized location intelligence platform, new franchise owners will be able to pinpoint the positives and negatives of each potential new outlet, maximizing potential revenue streams and customer satisfaction through cutting edge machine learning projections, to make sure that every location is a sweet one.

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