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Episode 018, May 16, 2019


018 Barry Wolfe, Marcus Millichap

Talk Highlights
  • What is going to happen with all the big-box real estate?
  • “Dont care how much I make on a particular deal as long as the client is happy!” Best mindset for success
  • Is the industry ignoring the facts and looking through rose-colored glasses?
Speaker Bio

Barry Wolfe is the Senior Managing Director of Investments at Marcus & Millichap. Prior to joining Marcus & Millichap in 2001, Barry was a practicing attorney for nearly ten years, initially in private practice with a transactional, real estate focus. Subsequently, he served as in-house counsel for a publically traded company where he ran the legal real estate department. Barry's legal background frequently proves invaluable in assisting his clients in navigating through the landmines inherent in real estate transactions.

Barry's success on behalf of his clients has resulted in several awards and recognition both from within Marcus & Millichap as well as within the industry. Some of these industry awards include being a multi-time recipient of CoStar's "Power Broker" award as well as being recognized by "Real Estate Florida Magazine" as being among the top ten investment sales agents within the State of Florida.

Show Notes

  • 1:30 - Being a lawyer to being in real estate field
  • 3:37 - 5-10 deals per year to significantly more
  • 5:05 - First couple hires
  • 6:08 - Difference between average and great
  • 7:09 - “how I built my business ties to people I’ve met at various conferences.”
  • 8:52 - Avenues for success in prospecting
  • 10:27 - Beth Azor is the Godmother of Social Media
  • 11:52 - What can you give to others, not what you can get?
  • 13:29 - Walmart adopting tech that the others didn’t went from 800 lb gorilla to irrelevant
  • 16:18 - Rookies don’t listen to the vets and what do vets need to hush up on?
  • 17:37 - Panera bread 2.0, Chickfila and Walmart acquired jet.com
  • 19:50 - What is going to happen with all these big boxes?
  • 21:48 - Can’t make the mistakes you used to get away with before!
  • 24:31 - Not that retail is dead but it is going to die faster
  • 25:39 - CRE behind on technology, catalyst to facilitating adaption
  • 27:36 - Speed of change is accelerating
  • 28:37 - Rapid Fire Questions

Episode 017, May 1, 2019


017 Mo Asgari, Monkey Group

Talk Highlights
  • What is a leader’s true job? To help them see what they don’t see
  • 5 year outlook on off-premise
  • What is going to happen to those 30% fees third parties are charging?
Speaker Bio

Mo is an expert at aligning technology development and corporate strategy to anticipate, shape and lead major market trends. As a professional manager with over 25 years of software development and technology experience, most of his career has been spent in an executive technology management role developing and managing products ranging from an extensive enterprise solution, to corporate-wide client-server solutions, to an off-the-shelf consumer-based solution. He has owned and driven entire releases of major software solutions, taking ownership of tasks and believes in management through empowerment.

Mo is results oriented, energetic, with entrepreneurial spirit, thriving on new challenges andopportunities, with the ability to wear different hats and properly communicating information to individuals with different backgrounds and focus areas. He has proven success attracting and retaining technical and non-technical resources, allowing him to build dynamic teams in avariety of company structures/environments, and defining technical and operational processes to help those teams be highly effective. As a volunteer high school coach, Mo’s leadership and coaching skills transcend into his professional world motivating his teams to maneuver difficult, changing, fast-paced environments.

Mo scored in the top 5% of all senior managers tested in an internal in-depth leadership assessment evaluation. Scoring above average in all aspects of the test including: vision, execution, inspiration, drive, ownership and empathy.

Show Notes
  • 1:15–How Mo came into computer science
  • 4:31–Lessons Mo’s learned from important people along the way
  • 6:31–The idea of the founding of Monkey Media software and how Mo got involved
  • 13:38–Customer loyalty
  • 14:50–Applying the 80/20 principal
  • 17:16–Relationships verse transactional and how brands can apply that to their brands
  • 20:42–The five year outlook on the off premise
  • 24:37–Thoughts on the high level of percentages that third parties are taking
  • 28:14–The importance of pausingand reflecting and the steps to take
  • 31:41–Rapid fire questions

Episode 016, April 17, 2019


016 Jayson Tipp, Pincho

Talk Highlights
  • Jayson takes us from the days of Census data on CDs into 2019
  • Without a leader who understands analytics and technology, there is no hope
  • How a jazz band can relate to a well-run organization
Speaker Bio

Jayson Tipp is the CEO of PINCHO, which is the family owned Latin American fast-casual concept known for pioneering the combination of premium hamburgers and grilled kebabs (Pinchos) with a Latin-twist. A nationally recognized restaurant leader considered an expert in consumer analytics, market strategy and development, Mr. Tipp has a track record of translating insights into results. He was named CEO of PINCHO in June 2018. Prior to that, Tipp was at Papa Murphy’s International (PMI), where he served as Chief Development Officer overseeing the brand’s growth across franchise sales, real estate and technology.

Prior to being named Chief Development Officer at PMI, Mr. Tipp served as PMI’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, helping the organization post 14 consecutive quarters of sales growth. Mr. Tipp has also held leadership roles in marketing, development, finance, and strategy roles at Redbox, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Starbucks.

PINCHO recently announced plans to open 10 locations in the Washington D.C. market with plans to expand to 100 locations nationwide over the next 5 years. The Company opened its first location in Miami in 2010.

Show Notes
  • 1:22 – How he went from University of Missouri, St. Louis to being CEO of Pincho Factory
  • 5:38 – What the newest and greatest was while he was at National Decision Systems
  • 9:59 – The evolution from the late 90s to now
  • 14:00 – Problems that had answers that surprised him
  • 16:04 – Individuals that stood out and lessons he learned from them
  • 19:15 – Team building exercises that have been effective in the past from his jazz career
  • 22:03 – What jazz musicians you should search on YouTube
  • 22:15 – Rapid fire questions

Episode 015, April 4, 2019


015 Jack Henry, Operations Director

Talk Highlights
  • The pros and cons of the requirement to work as a manager at Dominos to become a franchisee
  • His experience opening different format stores emphasizing the carryout and dine in sales with 126% increase in sales
  • How teaching kids to make pizza creates customers for a lifetime
Speaker Bio

Jack Henry has over 25 years in the restaurant industry in the international market. He was a franchisee for 2 major fast food chains SUBWAY | Domino’s. Experienced at raising capital or financing, the accounting system and understanding financials, holding people and
self-accountable, deep understanding of sales data and creating spread sheet data bases to figure out trends and plans to take action, confident creator of presentations and speaker.

Jack shares his story of moving to Puerto Rico, becoming a franchisee, and the lessons learned along the way.

Review Jack Henry’s written articles

Show Notes
  • 1:13 – How he ended up as a franchisee of Dominos & Subway in Puerto Rico
  • 3:04 – Expands on only way to get a franchise is to work for the brand
  • 4:53 – Locational characteristics going into franchising in Puerto Rico
  • 8:13 – Assumptions he had that he was wrong about
  • 11:15 – Pros and Cons of having to work at Dominos to get a store
  • 12:56 – Moving from a strip center to a free standing unit
  • 16:05 – Baskin Robins
  • 17:25 – Fortressing strategy in Dominos
  • 19:35 – Best advice for someone about to open a location
  • 20:09 – Trends or facts that the industry is ignoring
  • 23:03 – Things he is paying attention that others don’t
  • 23:48 – Rapid fire questions

Episode 014, March 12, 2019


014 Beth Azor, Azor Advisory Services

Talk Highlights
  • #1 advice for retailers? Reduce friction.
  • “Rookies do not listen to the vets, and the vets hush up”
  • The blaring truth that our industry is ignoring? Social media.
Speaker Bio

Affectionately known as ‘The Canvassing Queen’, Beth Azor is the founder and owner of Azor Advisory Services (AAS), a leading commercial real estate advisory and investment firm based in Southeast Florida.

Beth has been in the Commercial Real Estate Industry since 1986, from 1998 to 2004 as President of Terranova, Florida's largest 3rd party asset manager. She founded Azor Advisory Services in 2004 to invest in her own properties and provide consulting and training to industry leaders such as Kimco Corporation, Cushman & Wakefield, Brixmor Properties, Equity One, The Shopping Center Group, Phillips Edison, and DLC Management Group. Azor now owns and manages a $79,000,000 portfolio of commercial retail properties in southeast Florida. She most recently wrote and published Don’t Say No For The Prospect: How I Went from a Sales Rookie to a Retail Leasing Rockstar to a Shopping Center Owner with $79 Million in Assets.

Beth was the Chairman of the ICSC Florida Conference and awarded Top Retail Broker by South Florida Business Journal, Superstar Broker by Real Estate Forum and Broker's Favorite Broker by Commercial Property News. She was also awarded the Davie/Cooper City Chamber of Commerce 2015 Small Business Person of the Year.

Beth attended Florida State University where she obtained her AA 1980 and subsequently her B.A. in English. She was Chairman of the Board for the FSU Real Estate Foundation and a Member of the FSU Executive Board of the Real Estate Program. She is past President and now sits on the Board of Directors of the HOPE Outreach center. She also co-founded 100+ Women Who Care of South Florida and currently serves as the Chair of the Broward County Chapter. Ms. Azor has two sons and resides in Davie, Florida.

Show Notes
  • 1:18 – How Beth got into the commercial real estate space
  • 6:32 – Lessons Beth learned working way up the right way
  • 7:09 – What was technology like when she was managing over 150 people as the President
  • 8:49 – Difference between a good and a great leasing agent
  • 10:29 – Things she is paying attention to that the average Joe is not
  • 12:42 – Places or experiences that have stuck out
  • 13:49 – Advice to the retailers listening
  • 16:56 – Teachers who made an impact on Beth and lessons she’s learned
  • 20:14 – Lightbulb moment for the book
  • 21:56 – Some things that the rookies should not be listening to
  • 24:53 - Things our industry are ignoring? SOCIAL
  • 26:02 – Examples of closing through social media
  • 28:22 – LinkedIn
  • 30:28 – National deals vs mom and pop
  • 32:36 – Rapid fire questions
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