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Embracing A.I. means letting go of “Old School” methods

There is no question that tech has come a long, long way over the past 25 years. Computers, the Internet and smart phones have dramatically changed the landscape. Ironically, the way people accept, embrace and adopt technologies seems to have changed very little. There are those early adopters and first movers, and then there are those that let fear and doubt slow their decisions.

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Five questions all potential franchisees need to consider

Investing in a franchise is an excellent way to build your own business under the umbrella of an established and trusted brand. However, as with any business opportunity, it’s important to ask the right questions before you make an investment decision.


Garnett Station private equity gets a tech makeover with SiteZeus

Garnett Station isn’t your typical private equity firm. They thrive on building strong, enduring relationships through collaborative efforts and a culture of shared ownership. By providing long-term capital and building world-class management teams, Garnett Station sets—and accomplishes— ambitious goals. Now with SiteZeus as their go-to location intelligence tool, the team has a major leg-up on its competition with a cost effective, fast and accurate predictive modeling solution.