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How technology is changing brick and mortar retailing

The rise of the internet and the emergence of internet-based retail giants like Amazon have flipped the world of retail start-ups on its head. In the old world of brick-and-mortar retail, start-ups were launched according to a tried-and-true formula. New concepts were tested in high-traffic, historically proven retail markets. After the initial success of one or more test stores, a larger rollout in the test market followed. Once a brand saw continued sales success, they would expand to other markets and different regions, culminating in a national rollout.

Site Selection

Transparent A.I: Why a multi-unit retailer needs to understand It

Artificial intelligence is taking a bigger and bigger step into our everyday lives – and most people don’t even know it.

Site Selection

Multi-brand operators use science to solve for market optimization

Location intelligence technology is creating a disruption in site selection by replacing “gut instincts” with data-driven decisions that help deliver stronger site selection performance and market optimization. SiteZeus was born to replace outdated site selection methodology – namely stale models that took a long time to build and did not guarantee accuracy.


SiteZeus adds The Vitamin Shoppe to its growing retail client base

SiteZeus is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe® (NYSE:VSI), a specialty retailer that provides nutritional products across a portfolio of more than 775 company-operated stores. “SiteZeus is excited to bring its custom-tailored solution to The Vitamin Shoppe,” said Larry Salinas, Business Development, Sales Engineer at SiteZeus.


SiteZeus helps Jack’s Family Restaurant bring southern flavor to more locations

With their handmade food and strong focus on giving back to the communities they serve, Jack’s Family Restaurant is All About the South – and thanks to a new partnership with SiteZeus, they’re getting ready to expand to more locations than ever before.

Location Intelligence

SiteZeus pioneers A.I. powered social network segmentation in real estate

We all hear about how A.I. is changing the world of retail real estate, and it’s true, companies like SiteZeus are using machine learning to predict sales revenue blazingly fast and accurate. However, intuition hasn’t lost its place. Real Estate Directors know that sometimes the “vibe” of the location just doesn’t fit the brand.


California Tortilla to expand with help from SiteZeus

California Tortilla will bring their fresh perspective on Mexican food to more locations than ever, with help from SiteZeus’ best-in-class location intelligence platform.


Building discipline in real estate development and construction

At the 2018 Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas, Keenan Baldwin, SiteZeus’ Co-Founder, sat amongst an experienced panel of four real estate professionals to talk about the restaurant and real estate development.

Press Release

SiteZeus strengthens platform with social psychographic data pioneer Spatial.ai

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 3, 2018—SiteZeus is pleased to announce a new data partnership with Spatial.ai that uses the power of machine learning to unlock a treasure trove of GeoSocial data to better understand consumers. This new data partnership represents the first psychographic partner and first social media data partner for SiteZeus.


Join us at the upcoming ICSC Conference in New York City

This conference provides the opportunity to gain information about retail real estate business and the latest issues within the industry. Being the largest event of the industry on the East Coast, this event allows for networking, deal making, and professional development with over 10,000 attendees and 530 exhibitors.


The ABC’s of A.I.: How A.I. is transforming commercial real estate, restaurants and retail

Sci-fi depictions of artificial intelligence in Hollywood are everywhere, from the futuristic fantasies of 2001’s A.I., about a child-robot, and 2014’s Ex-Machina, about a humanoid A.I-enabled robot, to the classic A.I.-is-evil flick, 1984’s Terminator. With these sometimes frightening visions of autonomous machines taking over the world, it’s no wonder that many people find the whole notion of A.I. confusing at best and anxiety-provoking at worst.


Johnny Brusco’s Pizza keeps expanding with help from SiteZeus

When Johnny Brusco’s Pizza began to franchise in 1994, they realized their decades-old dream of bringing their authentic New York Style Pizza to as many communities as possible. Now, thanks to a new partnership with SiteZeus, they’re better positioned than ever to continue to expand to new markets and optimize their current locations.